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3 tips to improve your posture

A leading expert offers easy ways to sit, stand, and walk that could help ease your pain.

Is poor posture to blame for your pain?

Esther Gokhale says there's a good chance that how you sit, stand, walk, and sleep may be hurting you more than you think.

‘Oil for the joints’ offers hope for osteoarthritis sufferers

A team of researchers has developed a synthetic injectable joint lubricant that, they say, could bring longer lasting relief to millions of osteoarthritis sufferers. Affecting...

Footwear relieves arthritic knees

Flexible soles slow down knee osteoarthritis By Margaret Jaworski Relief for knees swollen and stiff from osteoarthritis looks like a shoe-in. The results of a soon-to-be...

Common Chemicals Could Be Linked to Osteoarthritis

Chemicals in Products from Cookware to Carpet Said to Increase the Disease in Women A new study suggests that a commonly found chemical called PFCs...

Is Acupuncture Effective in Easing Pain?

For some conditions the age-old therapy of acupuncture seems very promising... Ask any acupuncture advocate about the benefits of acupuncture, and you'll likely learn of...

Cycling To Help With Arthritis

Doctors recommend cycling as an exercise treatment beneficial for patients with arthritis, and it may help with the pain too. Arthritis can hit anybody without...

Technological Advances Show Promise in a New Ankle Replacement Surgery

While ankle replacement surgery has been around for decades, new techniques and a high demand have boosted the number of replacements. Hip and knee replacements...
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