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    Researchers Find A Way To Block Addiction To Opiates

    In an amazing breakthrough, scientists discover a way to block the addiction to heroin and morphine, while still offering pain relief. For years, patients have fallen prey to one of the world's most addictive substances. Opioid drugs like Morphine and Heroin may not be a...

    Mindful Meditation 101

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    A simple meditation for relieving pain and stress. Sit in a comfortable position or lie down, eyes open or closed, and let your attention settle on your normal breath. Don't make your breathing deeper or change it in any way. Now, rest your attention gently on...

    Mind Control

    chronic pain
    Biofeedback can train your mind to relieve hidden sources of pain. For six years, Kalin Lancaster of Gainesville, Georgia, battled migraines so debilitating that if she tried to eat, she'd vomit. It would feel like they were squeezing my brain, remembers the 22-year old student....

    Medical Bankruptcy, a Disturbing Trend

    chronic pain
    How to avoid the pitfalls of excessive medical debt. All it took was one misstep. Jeffrey Grunendike was loading packages onto the truck he drove for a regional delivery service one morning when he stepped off the bumper and felt a sharp pain shoot through...

    A Pain in the Foot

    One-third of Americans suffer foot-related pain. Do you? From head to toe, Americans are feeling pain. Now new research puts a twist on the old saying pain in the neck, pointing instead to the fact that more than 28 percent of Americans suffer foot pain,...