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Living with HIV can mean living with pain

Photo: Guillaume Paumier via Creative Commons/Flickr
Pain is common not only in those suffering the last stages of AIDS but also in HIV-positive people who are still active.June is Pride Month. While PainResource.com celebrates the fact that having HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) no longer inevitably leads to AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency...

Pain Profile of John Murphy: Post-Concussion Syndrome

From Marathoner to Pain Patient — and Back Again

Is chronic pain straining your friendships?

Learn How to Keep, Mend, and End Friendships

3 Tips to Improve Your Posture Today

maxresdefault cropped
A leading expert offers easy ways to sit, stand, and walk that could help ease your pain.

Neckties and Migraines: What You Should Know

Neckties and migraines
This Father's Day, please send migraine relief for my wife, in lieu of flowers (or neckties)

Going to the Max

Go Daddy e
A father fights for his son and other kids facing cancer

Don’t let chronic pain keep Dad from playing the sports he loves

man stretching cropped
This Father’s Day, we round up the best fitness tips and apps to help men stay active

Is pain affecting your job performance?

work pain photos
What to say and not say in the workplace when you have chronic pain

One woman’s journey to relieve the emotional pain of losing a spouse

A partner's death leaves a profound void, but it can be healed By Lisa DavisWhen I asked Shannon M. Regan what she experienced right after her husband Mike (fondly known as Boomer), passed away, she immediately named three emotions: shock, devastation, isolation.After 15 years of...

Text Neck: A Pain That’s Nothing to LOL About

Even if you aren't 15, chances are good that you use your smartphone quite a bit. You may not be texting "LOL" and "where r u" every 90 seconds, but you're probably checking and answering email, using apps, and, yes, texting. That means you...

Has the Barefoot Trend Run Its Course?

A new study questions whether going shoeless helps reduce runners' risk of injury  Even if you're not a runner, for the past few years you couldn't attend a race expo or pick up a fitness or running magazine without hearing about "barefoot running" and its...