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One Thing to Do: Head for the Farmers Market

Inflammation is at the heart of practically every serious disease, including many chronic pain conditions.One thing you can do is load up on colorful fruits and vegetables. The easiest way to do that is to check out the local farmers markets in your area.We...

Innovations in Treating Kids

pediatric innovations
If you caught our recent article on kids and teens with pain, you know that it's a growing problem. Maybe you're the parent of a child dealing with frequent headaches or stomach pain (two of the most common kinds for this age group) or...

Dogs and Arthritis

Dogs with arthritis
How one dog with the disease became an Internet sensation Swims in Lake Superior were Schoep the dog's daily arthritic therapy. After Schoep and his owner, John, were photographed during a session in which Schoep was cradled in John's arms as they glided through the...

Does Pain Make You More Charitable?

charity photo
It's a question without a simple answer. If we suffer, are we likely to feel more empathetic and generous to others in pain? Or does suffering make us less likely to feel compassion?Because we've felt pain ourselves, do we come to identify strongly with...

The Cold Facts About Extreme Heat

Remember when "98 degrees" was mostly a reference to a 1990s boy band? With temperatures exceeding 100 degrees expected to continue in parts of the country, heat-related health problems are a real worry. Here's a primer on how to handle hot weather health concerns...

10 Tips to Help You Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

Some like it hot. If you're not one of the heat-tolerant, here are some great tips to help you keep your cool when the heat is on ... and on and on.Stay hydrated by drink plenty of water regularly throughout the day. The...

Healing Ideas: Visualization Therapy

Master the power of visualization therapy. Visualization can help someone redirect their focus away from their physical pain, and it's a great technique for coping with psychological distress such as anxiety, depression and tension, says Angie LeVan, a Philadelphia-based resilience coach, speaker and writer.One idea...

Could Adult Stem Cells Have the Answer for What Ails You?

 Depending on your point of view, stem cells are either something medical science shouldn't be messing around with or rich with possibility for treating any number of serious ailments. And it's looking increasingly as if some types of chronic pain especially back and knee...

Ouch: Looking Into Pain in Children and Teens

By Lorie A. ParchThough it's bad enough that so many adults endure daily discomfort, there's now solid evidence that more children and adolescents suffer many of the same aches. The July issue of the journal Pediatrics, published by the American Academy of Pediatrics, includes...

Take One Step to Live a Pain-Free Life

One thing you can do to manage your pain and enjoy your life as much as possible, in spite of your symptoms, is to become your own pain manager, says John Murphy, a marathoner who shares experiences with chronic post-concussion syndrome to help others...

Could a Sauna Help Ease Your Chronic Pain?

Sauna help with chronic pain
Let's start off by admitting that as the dog days approach and some places in the U.S. are already experiencing triple-digit temps stepping into a sauna may not be your idea of good time.But there might be good reason to consider a specific kind...