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Treating Phantom Limb Pain With Virtual Reality

phantom limb pain
80% of amputees experience phantom pain, a condition that gives patients sensations of pain in their missing limbs. Researchers have never been able to find a definite answer as to why this phenomena takes place, it is just attributed to the shortened nerve causing...

Does Weather Affect Pain? Here’s What We Know

does weather effect pain
What is the Study? A team of medical practitioners in the United Kingdom is encouraging people with arthritis and other chronic pain conditions to share information about their symptoms via smartphone. By examining the symptoms of participants over an extended period, the doctors behind Cloudy...

How Gender Affects Chronic Pain

how gender effects chronic pain
Women Feel Pain More Strongly Studies in mice suggest our sex hormones may influence our experience of pain. Male mice injected with the female sex hormone, estrogen, seem to tolerate pain less, while an injection of the male sex hormone, testosterone, appears to increase the...

Soak Up Sun to Lower Risk of Rheumatoid Arthritis

soak up some sun to lower your risk of rheumatoid arthritis
Sunlight & Vitamin D When sunlight hits your skin, not only does it give us that warm, comforting glow, but it starts a chain reaction in your bodies that produces vitamin D. Vitamin D is essential for maintaining a healthy body.Vitamin D does a number...

What Would Really Help Migraineurs?

Help living with migraines
Teri Robert, a prolific writer and advocate on migraines who lives with the chronic condition herself, says what we could use more of are better headache doctors.Teri Robert knows from migraines. She's had them since she was six years old, has written a book...