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5 Tricks for a Pain Free Halloween

Halloween trick or treaters
For most people, Halloween is a fun and spooky holiday where you get to dress up like your favorite character and eat sweet treats. For people who live with chronic pain; however, Halloween can mean a fight against food allergies, uncomfortable costumes and painful...

Try These Joint-Friendly Outdoor Fall Activities

fall activities
Grab your jacket and a friend, because the fall season has arrived, bringing with it cooler weather and fun outdoor fall activities. You don’t have to go far or do anything too strenuous to enjoy being outside, either. Here are some outdoor fall activities...

Set Your Mind at Ease: Meditation for Stress

You know how it goes—working, going to school, doing homework, keeping a clean house, getting the kids to their sports or other hobbies, cooking meals, doing yard work, going grocery shopping, running errands and much, much more.Life can become stressful quickly. Everyone has some...

4 Ways to Treat a Migraine Attack

migraine attack
Almost everyone gets a headache every now and then. In fact, headaches are one of the most common types of pain. However, not all headaches are the same. If you get migraine headaches, you know the awful, throbbing pain well. People living with migraines...

Is There a Link Between Smoking and Chronic Pain?

quit smoking
When you live with chronic pain, you know how hard it can be to find any relief. However, smoking can worsen chronic pain, and cause other health problems. The addictive substance in cigarettes is called nicotine. Nicotine is sneaky, and tricks your body into...

The Best Sleeping Positions for Pain Management

When you live with chronic pain, sleeping can be, well, a pain. Not only does the physical pain keep you awake at night, just knowing that you need sleep to help you feel better can cause an inner thought battle that keeps your mind...

Coping with Anxiety in Large Crowds

With recent tragic events like the shooting in Las Vegas, the thought of being out in a crowd might feel terrifying. For people living with anxiety and the fear of large crowds, staying calm can be challenging. In today’s society, it can be hard...

Review of Darryl Strawberry’s Book: Don’t Give Up on Me

Darryl Strawberry book Don't Give Up on Me
Darryl Strawberry’s new book, Don’t Give Up on Me, takes the reader on a journey through the MLB All-Star’s life, starting with his childhood living with an alcoholic, abusive father. Forced to begin his life from a rough start, Darryl battled the mental difficulties...

5 Ways to Manage Breast Cancer Pain

breast cancer
If you have breast cancer, then you probably also have breast cancer pain. It’s common for people living with cancer to have pain. There are many different kinds of pain, too. Some days your pain level might be low, and other days it might...

5 Mental Health Tips for Military Deployment

military woman
Deployment is stressful, of that, there is no doubt. According to Mental Health America, some adverse effects of deployment include lack of appetite, trouble concentrating, difficulty sleeping or feeling withdrawn.Additionally, a study done in the UK on the consequences of deployment showed that military personnel were more...

Practice Self-Care with These Chronic Pain Coping Tips

People living with chronic pain know how exhausting it can be. The fact is that living with chronic pain is hard, and makes everyday tasks, like making the bed, cooking a meal or going grocery shopping, seem nearly impossible. Some days you might wake...

Meal Prep Your Rheumatoid Arthritis Diet

meal prep
Eating a healthy diet is important, especially when you have rheumatoid arthritis (RA). However, joint pain stiffness and swelling can make cooking feel nearly impossible. Nobody living with RA wants to stand at the kitchen counter and chop vegetables or bend down to lift...

Tips for Managing Depression and Mood Swings

mood swings
Mood swings and depression often go hand-in-hand. Some days you might wake up feeling really good, and other days you may wake up feeling down. Remember, you’re not alone. Many people with depression have mood swings, too. Here are some simple but effective tips...

Preparing for Seasonal Depression

seasonal depression
With the holidays and colder winter months just around the corner, you might be getting ready for all the ups and downs of the season. As days grow darker and colder, especially up north, you might also be wondering if there’s anything you can...

Addiction: Is it About the Drugs or Something Else?

Addiction. That word holds a lot of baggage for many people. Broken relationships, missed opportunities and pointed fingers. But the addict isn’t always the one to blame. Doctors are reporting that undiagnosed mental issues and trauma might be the real recipe for addiction. Undiagnosed mental...