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Boo-tacular Hacks: Halloween and Chronic Pain

enjoy Halloween with chronic pain
Enchanting and festive to some and downright ghoulish to others, Halloween is that spooktacular time of year when we can dress up as someone else and revel in sweet treats. But if you live with chronic pain, Halloween can mean a fight against food...

Cast a Spell With Spooktacularly Healthy Halloween Treats

healthy Halloween options
It's Halloween - that time of year known for dressing up, enjoying cooler temps and of course tricking or treating for a few sugar rushes. If you're trying to make healthier choices, you may worry that Halloween celebrations won't be as festive if you...

Celebrate Abilities for Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Down Syndrome Awareness Month
During October, Down Syndrome Awareness Month initiatives help to shine a light on what we can do to celebrate and better support children and adults living with Down syndrome. Every year, about 6,000 babies – one out of 700 – are born with Down syndrome...

Ask the Expert: Drug-Free Ways to Fight Fibromyalgia

drug-free ways to fight fibromyalgia
Many thanks to our guest writer Dr. Brent Wells for sharing his expertise on drug-free ways to fight fibromyalgia. Many people suffer from muscle and body pain, stiffness and memory problems that are too often misdiagnosed or ignored.  Many have had difficulty managing their daily lives around...

Protect Your Lung Health This Respiratory Care Week

Respiratory Care Week
Imagine for a moment having trouble breathing or feeling significant pain when you inhale or exhale. Imagine feeling like you cannot get enough oxygen in your body no matter how deeply you inhale. Unfortunately, lung diseases that cause such concerns are much more common...

How Do I Tackle Cancer Pain?

managing cancer pain
If you're fighting cancer, you likely deal with pain to some extent. Sometimes you might have several different forms of pain, making it difficult to explain to others and challenging for you to manage your day-to-day life. And cancer pain doesn't simply mean physical...

Preventing Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Take These Steps

risk for sudden cardiac arrest
October is upon us, and with it comes many opportunities to learn about specific health conditions such as sudden cardiac arrest and raise awareness for their observances. This includes a vital one to heart health: Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Month. Sudden cardiac arrest is...

Here’s Why Pain Sufferers Must Be Heard This Week

Caregiver walking with patient for National Healthcare Equality Week
The week of October 21-27 shines a light on individuals who have made contributions to improve the quality of healthcare. National Healthcare Quality Week is hosted by the National Association of Healthcare Quality (NAHQ) and reminds us that there are lots of reasons why...

Here’s Why Pain Sufferers Need National Check Your Meds Day

National Check Your Meds Day
National Check Your Meds Day is here once again (October 21), promoting the importance of reviewing our current prescription regimens. Are we taking the right medicines? Are we taking the proper doses? Are we successfully managing side effects? Do our healthcare teams have other...

My Fight Against Trigeminal Neuralgia

Trigeminal Neuralgia
Many thanks to our guest writer Pamela Jessen for sharing her journey below on living with and fighting trigeminal neuralgia.The number of invisible illnesses that millions fight around the world is staggering. The suicide disease, as trigeminal neuralgia is commonly known, is one...

Empower Your Community for National Health Education Week

Doctor and public health community
It’s National Health Education Week – and the perfect opportunity to discuss the importance of helping to build awareness around public health issues to prevent illnesses to the greatest extent possible. By promoting a greater awareness around pressing health issues, we are helping to...

Here’s How You Can Enjoy the Holidays with Chronic Pain

Taking a walk to enjoy the holidays with chronic pain
The holidays are meant to be enjoyed by all of us. If you’re someone who is living with chronic pain, you’re likely worried about feeling left out of seasonal group activities. But worry not: there are a variety of ways you can participate in...

Aeroflow CBD Oil Provides Natural Approach to Pain Management

Aeroflow Healthcare CDB oil
The market has spoken: alternative options for pain treatment are in high demand. CBD oil is a natural treatment option for pain and has quickly earned a faithful following thanks to research indicating that it activates serotonin receptors. The body of research supporting the use...

Treating Pain Takes Teamwork: National Physical Therapy Month

Asian woman getting physical therapy National Physical Therapy Month
It’s funny how the power of two little words can be totally underestimated: “physical therapy.” It may not seem overly impressive as a form of healthcare. It’s physical, so it requires movement of your body, and it’s therapy, so it’s a deliberate process that...

Row, Row, Row Yourself Into Top Fitness Trend

White woman with tattoo rowing in-studio
As the “new spinning” of the fitness community, rowing is experiencing quite the resurrection. It’s been the talk of the fitness world for several years now, but 2018 has seen tremendous growth in the demand for classes and even boutique fitness centers. As the...

Checkup From the Neck Up: National Depression Screening Day

National Depression Screening Day
Initiatives designed to promote awareness for people fighting for their mental health are important for us all. Those who are also fighting to better manage their chronic pain know initiatives such as today's National Depression Screening Day are particularly important, as the link between...

5 Tips to Improve Your Anxiety While Battling Chronic Pain

Woman wants to improve her anxiety while battling chronic pain
When you know firsthand what it's like to be in constant pain, you have likely adopted an array of practices to help you manage everyday life. The physical pain, the emotional toll and the exhaustion that comes from not feeling understood work together to...

What It’s Really Like Living With an Invisible Illness

living with an invisible illness
Many thanks to our guest writer Pamela Jessen for sharing her powerful testimony below on what it's like living with an invisible illness.When you're living with an invisible illness, you can look perfectly fine on the outside. The inside though is often a dramatically...

Take a Personalized Approach to Breast Cancer Pain Management

breast cancer pain management
As if the emotional distress from living with cancer isn’t hard enough, patients (and survivors) also have to find relief from their physical pain. In honor of October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it's important to explore effective breast cancer pain management research and...

5 Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency You Must Know

5 signs of vitamin 5 deficiency
The sunshine vitamin, also known as vitamin D, is something your body needs, but you may not be getting enough of it. About 42% of the population is deficient in vitamin D. You may not know you're lacking this important nutrient. Vitamin D is...

Holiday Season Tips: Traveling With Chronic Pain

Traveling with chronic pain
Holiday season is almost on us. It's an exciting time, but traveling with chronic pain can be less than exciting to say the least. Living with conditions such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome, sciatica, stomach conditions and migraine headaches impacts how we live our everyday...

Say Good Night to Chronic Pain and Sleep Debt

Black woman reducing chronic pain and sleep debt
Chronic pain and sleep debt seem to go hand in hand. We know that pain can have a major effect on all aspects of your everyday life, but those who don't live with it may not understand how restless nights keep us in a cycle of suffering....

Physicians Speak Out During National Primary Care Week

Doctors celebrating National Primary Care Week
Most of us know October is a busy month when it comes to promoting awareness for important health and social concerns. It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Domestic Violence Month and National Bullying Prevention Month. But one dedicated week that may have slipped...

Here’s How to Reduce Your Cancer Risk During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Multigenerational and multiracial women celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Serena Williams reminds us to touch ourselves. The Centers for Disease Control remind us that breast cancer can happen to younger women. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine reminds us that orange is the new pink.Breast Cancer Awareness Month greets us with many...