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#RockTheRibbon: Know Your Status This World AIDS Day

World AIDS Day
Established on December 1 1988, World AIDS Day highlights the global fight against HIV/AIDS. While new transmissions are easily preventable thanks to tools like condoms, safe needles and anti-retroviral drugs (ARVs), 1 million people lost their lives last year to AIDS-related illnesses. Half of those...

9 Ways to Ease Seasonal Depression Symptoms

ease seasonal depression symptoms
With the holidays and colder months, you might find yourself feeling more anxious and/or depressed. The days grow darker and colder, something that likely prompts you to consider how you can better prepare for oncoming emotional rollercoasters. You may be struggling with Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD),...

World AIDS Day is Global Reminder: HIV Has Not Gone Away

World AIDS Day
December 1st is World AIDS Day, a day dedicated to unity and support for the estimated 36.7 million people living with HIV. Since the virus was first identified in 1984, major advances have been made in detection, prevention, treatment and awareness,  In fact, new...

Here’s How to Enjoy a Pain-Free Holiday Vacation

pain-free holiday vacation
Taking a vacation goes a long way toward refreshing and resetting our bodies and minds. But when you live with chronic pain, jockeying for a spot at the beach or squeezing onto another overbooked flight are more than just nuisances: they're pain triggers. The...

How Much Can At-Home DNA Testing Tell Us?

at-home DNA testing
The word "monogenic" is a scientific one and is often used to describe diseases that result from single gene modifications in all cells of the body. While they remain exceptionally rare, monogenic or genetic diseases continue to affect millions of people across the globe. Scientists...

What You Need to Know About Parenting with Chronic Pain

parenting with chronic pain
Parenting is never easy, but parenting with chronic pain can be especially challenging. Give yourself some time over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend to consider these tips on how to be the best parent you can be while struggling in the moments that chronic pain...

Give Back to Your Health and Your Community for Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday
Distraction is a powerful tool in managing chronic pain. Living in constant pain might also make you more empathetic to the struggles of others, and volunteering can prove to be a useful way to both distract yourself from your struggles and to help others in...

National Family History Day: Knowing is the Key to Prevention

National Family History Day
Did you know the the stories you’ve heard from your family can give you important and helpful insight about your long-term health and wellness? It’s more than just using DNA tools to discover your ancestry; it’s about focusing on your family’s health history. Research shows...

Top 3 Apps to Help Manage Chronic Pain

apps to help manage chronic pain
Many thanks to guest contributor Sophia Madison for providing this helpful list of resourceful apps to help manage chronic pain. Living with chronic pain includes finding resourceful tools, tips and support systems that help you manage not only the pain but also day-to-day inconveniences and...

Use Plant-Based Holidays to Spark Better Health, Pain Relief

plant-based Thanksgiving
With Thanksgiving, the winter holidays and all the traditions they bring upon us, you might be feeling like requesting, cooking and/or bringing healthy, plant-based options might be a challenge. But fear not: plant-based options have never been more convenient, more affordable, more accessible and...

Ask the Expert: What to Expect When You Get Braces

what to expect when you get braces
One of the most widespread misconceptions about getting dental braces is that they cause quite a bit of pain. But the truth is that there is only minimal pain during the braces application. With today's dental technology, the wires and appliances are so advanced...

How a Morning Routine Can Help You Manage Life with Chronic Pain

managing life with chronic pain
For many of us, having a morning routine is invaluable. Not only does it help us set the tone for a productive day but it also grounds us and helps us manage our anxiety about facing our day’s challenges. But if you manage life...

Navigating Your Holiday Shopping with Chronic Pain

holiday shopping with chronic pain
The holidays are upon us (whether we're ready for them or not). You're surely looking forward to celebrating with the fabulous four Fs: food, fun, family time and Friday - Black Friday, that is. But a holiday shopping trip with chronic pain can be...

Inside the FDA’s Controversial Decisions on Opioids Dsuvia and Olinvo

Dsuvia and Olinvo
The FDA recently made controversial decisions about two painkillers - including one that is more potent than morphine and fentanyl. The possible benefits of Dsuvia and Olinvo are far-reaching, but the potential consequences are as well. After months of applications, research and committee rulings, the FDA approved...

Why It’s Time to Prioritize Antibiotic Awareness Week

Antibiotic Awareness Week
November is a significant month in health awarenesses, but Antibiotic Awareness Week from November 12-18 may be the most polarizing. It's also perhaps the most interesting – especially to Baby Boomers (people born between 1946-1964) and GenXers (people born early-to-mid 1960s to the early 1980s). The...

Ask the Expert: Can Massages End Myofascial Trigger Point Pain?

myofascial trigger points
Many of the pains we experience throughout the day are likely associated with our lifestyles and a result of bad habits. From lower back pain to shoulder pain to arthritis to headaches, our daily pains often prove to be a hindrance and can keep us from being productive and from enjoying life....

What You Need to Know About Coping with Caregiving

coping while caregiving
Over 40 million Americans provide unpaid care for someone with a serious health condition each year. And that care quickly runs up a tally both in number of hours and economic value. In the United States alone, the amount of unpaid care provided to...

Try These Quick Exercises for Chronic Back Pain

exercises for chronic pain
Struggling with chronic back pain doesn't exactly inspire you to get your body moving in the gym. But exercises that focus on your back can strengthen your muscles and may provide relief, particularly resistance exercises. Effective exercises for chronic back pain are important for...

What You Need to Know About Bladder Health and Pain

Bladder Health Awareness Month
Millions of people each year are affected by bladder health concerns. November is Bladder Health Awareness Month, an initiative designed to encourage us all to take an active role in managing our bladder health and to learn how to better manage bladder pain. From...

Here’s How to Fight Invisible Pain

tingling hands feet pain at night
Millions of Americans talk to their doctors every day about pain. Fortunately, many of these patients will find a solution to their problems. However, it’s not always possible to pinpoint the cause of chronic pain, and some doctors will turn a blind eye. When...

National Diabetes Month: Debunking Myths and Managing Pain

National Diabetes Month
November is National Diabetes Month, a time for communities across the country to work together and raise awareness for diabetes and its impact on millions of Americans. Over 30 million adults in the United States have diabetes, and 1 in 4 don't know. Most of us...

Cultivating Gratitude While Facing Chronic Pain

gratitude while facing chronic pain
Are you grateful for your life?  Are you grateful for the things you've been given? Does that include your chronic pain, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia? What about your other invisible illnesses? I am. This holiday season, I'm rededicating myself to cultivating gratitude while facing...

How to Care for Someone with Alzheimer’s: 6 Essential Tips

caring for someone with Alzheimer's
Alzheimer’s disease is a complex progressive brain disorder that is irreversible and that causes a slow deterioration of memory and thinking skills. If you have a family member or someone else in your life who is struggling with this condition, you may be overwhelmed with...