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Kratom for Chronic Pain: Is It Effective and Legal?

kratom for chronic pain
Combatting chronic pain is an ongoing battle. As the interest in natural options continues to grow, so does the popularity of kratom. Kratom for chronic pain is sold in health and vitamin stores as a herbal extract that boosts energy, enhances moods, provides relief and even serves as...

2019 Fitness Trends + 4 Amazing End of Year Workouts

2019 fitness trends
The end of 2018 is here, as are tons of sweets, treats, and reasons to celebrate. But instead of indulging, take this time of year to promise yourself a fresh start health-wise! There are no holidays for what our bodies need to stay healthy....

Try These 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Chronic Pain

New Year's resolutions for chronic pain
You made it through the winter holiday season. Congratulations! We hope Santa filled your stocking with thoughtful gifts, gadgets, gizmos and plenty of holiday cheer. Now it’s time to mentally prepare for a brand new year. That’s right: 2019 is practically here! So what...

What is Sciatica?

Have you been experiencing pain in your back, hip or outer side of the leg lately? This pain, may be accompanied by tingling and numbness in hands and feet. It also might indicate an issue with your sciatic nerve. The good news is that this...

7 Best Office Supplies for Carpal Tunnel

best office supplies for carpal tunnel
It is estimated that upwards of 10 million people suffer from acute carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) symptoms each year. That’s not to mention those who suffer from mild to moderate effects that make work days unpleasant. You may be suffering from severe wrist, joint and finger...

Love Your Skin: The Best Essential Oils for Eczema

Dry, itchy, sensitive and inflamed skin. These are just a few symptoms of eczema, a skin condition that can turn your best day into a stressful one. Worrying about how to alleviate eczema without side effects is a concern with many answers. Thanks to...

It’s a Family Holiday Affair: Joint-Friendly Fitness Ideas

Joint friendly fitness ideas from Pain Resource
Let’s face it: most of us don’t plan our holiday family activities around working out. Some of us might have the fleeting thought that since we are on vacation, we will have more time to stay active and do several activities we didn’t have...

Debunking the Myth: Cortisone Injections for Back Pain

cortisone injections for back pain
If you’re suffering from back pain and looking for non-surgical relief, cortisone injections may be just what the doctor ordered. This type of injection can also help other areas of pain such as leg pain or joint pain. They can reduce inflammation, pain and swelling at specific...

Don’t Be Grinch-y: Asking for Holiday Help with Chronic Pain

asking for holiday help with chronic pain
 As a chronic pain sufferer, the holidays can seem more fretful than festive. A few days ago, I wrote about coping with holiday stress with chronic pain. The two go hand-in-hand most of the time and can be especially rough during the holidays. Think about...

Ease the Tingle with These Carpal Tunnel Exercises

carpal tunnel exercises
If you live with carpal tunnel syndrome, you know just how painful and inconvenient it can be. occurs when pressure is placed on the median nerve, which runs from your shoulder area throughout your entire arm. Sometimes people describe the pain like the feeling...

How to Reclaim Your Sex Life with Chronic Pain

better sex life with chronic pain
People living with chronic pain can feel as though their conditions consume their entire lives. Maintaining or reviving intimacy in your relationship may end up on the back burner as you focus on managing pain during everyday tasks. There are many complex reasons why your...

7 Tips to Kick-Start Your Post-Holiday Detox

post-holiday detox
The holidays and the upcoming new year are great opportunities to practice gratitude and enjoy quality time with the ones we love. But they're also opportunities that invite us to overindulge in sweets and treats while avoiding physical activity and other self-care routines. When...

Tips for Managing Holiday Stress with Chronic Pain

managing holiday stress with chronic pain
‘Twas weeks before Christmas, and your achy body feels the pressures. Shopping, parties, family visits and emotional holiday stressors. There’s no denying the holiday season can be hard on the body and soul. Managing holiday stress with chronic pain can be particularly rough though.  The season...

4 Essential Tips to Treat Stiff Neck Pain

treat stiff neck pain
No one wants to wake up to a stiff neck, but we all face it - and find ways to treat it - from time to time. It has several common causes and can develop after just one night of sleep or one day spent...

6 Tips to Help Reclaim Life with Chronic Pain

reclaim life with chronic pain
When you live with chronic pain, you likely keep an eye out for new and unique ways to manage your pain. From distracting yourself from the pain to experimenting with relaxation techniques and natural pain relief alternatives to investing in items that help you...

Your Guide to Health Goals for the New Year

health goals for the new year
It’s hard to believe, but there is less than a month left of 2018. Rather than chastising yourself over health goals for the new year that you may have missed the mark on, you may find it helpful to assess how much you've grown instead. Growth...

10 Holiday Gifts for Those with Chronic Pain

holiday gifts for those with chronic pain
Holiday shopping season is in full swing, and the lists continue to grow: to-do lists, gift lists and wish lists. It can be challenging to come up with meaningful gifts for your loved ones. If you have a family member or friend who suffers from...

Spread the Word: #NIVW, Chronic Pain and Flu Symptoms 101

The first week of December is National Influenza Vaccination Week (NIVW), an initiative that aims to raise awareness about the importance of getting your flu shot. Founded by the CDC in 2005, this week serves as a reminder that it’s not too late to...