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5 Things That Make Migraines Worse

Things that can Migraines Worse
With everything we know about human health, you might be surprised to learn that doctors and researchers still don’t know the exact cause of migraine headaches. About 15% of the population, or roughly 39 million people, suffer recurring and debilitating migraines each year. This...

Yoga For Back Pain: Top 5 Poses To Try

yoga for back pain
Back pain is more common than you may think. Researchers estimate that more than 80% of the United States population will suffer from back pain at some point in their lives. Yoga for back pain provides a cost-effective and holistic treatment option. In fact,...

How To Add Meditation For Chronic Pain Into Your Life

Meditation for Chronic Pain
In addition to the severe physical symptoms, living with chronic pain can significantly impact your mental health. As you spend more time and energy managing your pain levels, you may find the amount of time you spend on your mental health fall by the...

A Patient’s Review Of “Taming Chronic Pain” By Amy Orr

Having lived with varying levels of chronic pain for over six years now, I often joke that I could write a book. The frustrations that come with an invisible illness don’t come with a handbook, but it sure would help! Amy Orr’s new book,...

The Keto Diet For Chronic Pain: Does It Work?

Keto Diet for Chronic Pain
Anyone who suffers from chronic pain knows that medication alone doesn’t always eliminate the deep discomfort that comes along with your condition. Because of this, patients, doctors, and researchers suggest lifestyle changes to augment treatment options like painkillers. The ketogenic diet, which focuses on a...

The Best Sleeping Positions For Pain

best sleeping positions for pain
Chronic pain can have a major effect on your overall quality of sleep. According to the National Sleep Association, pain is a major factor in creating sleep debt. People who suffer from chronic pain experience lower sleep quality and higher stress levels. We’ve got...

Interview With Amy Orr, Author Of “Taming Chronic Pain”

Interview with Amy Orr
We had the honor of speaking with Amy Orr, author of the upcoming book Taming Chronic Pain. The book serves as a guide for those suffering from chronic pain, from the perspective of someone who has dealt with her own chronic pain issues. Taming Chronic...

Your Guide To Peripheral Neuropathy And Alcohol Abuse

Peripheral Neuropathy and Alcohol
Long-term alcohol use can alter your life in many ways. One lesser-known consequence of alcohol abuse is a condition called peripheral (or alcoholic) neuropathy. In this article, we'll examine peripheral neuropathy and alcohol, as well as alcohol’s long-term effects on the body. A Little Background Peripheral...

Why Is My Pain Worse At Night?

Woman laying in bed with pain worse at night
We’ve all been there at some point. Whether you're suffering from a chronic condition or recovering from an illness or injury, your pain just seems to get worse at night. Nowadays, researchers have nicknamed this condition “painsomnia.” In fact, it’s common in people with...

Incorporate These Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods Into Your Diet

Top Anti-Inflammatory Foods
When left untreated, inflammation can become a very debilitating condition, especially if it's chronic inflammation. While certain medications quickly and effectively reduce inflammation, they may come with side effects and usage limits that prevent long-term use. Instead, try changing your diet and lifestyle to reliably...

The Natural Healing Powers Of Apple Cider Vinegar For Back Pain

Apple cider vinegar for back pain
Nearly 80% of adults experience some kind of back pain in their lifetime. Whether it's because of stress, age, diet, or exercise, there are a variety of reasons why our backs might be giving us a little trouble. These days, however, there is a...

Top Tips On Managing Allergy Headaches

how to manage allergy headaches
Although they're often referred to as "seasonal allergies", many people find themselves suffering from runny noses, itchy eyes, and headaches year-round. Whether it's tree pollen in the spring, grass in the summer or ragweed in the fall, each season brings its own share of...