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Health Essentials: Signs of Autoimmune Disorders

signs of autoimmune disorders
We all suffer from stress. Between managing our careers, keeping up our social lives, taking care of our families, and everything else life throws our way, it’s not unusual to feel exhausted and achy sometimes. However, the same symptoms that result from our hectic...

How Athletes With Sciatica Can Beat Chronic Pain

If you’re not careful, your fitness routine might cause sciatica. As an athlete, you may experience pain in your back and legs more often than the general population. This is due to the strain that you put on your muscles while working out. Any...

What Is Your Pain Personality?

pain personalities
Not too long ago, doctors believed in one pain-prone personality. If you possessed certain characteristics, then you might feel pain more intensely and stay longer in the cycle of suffering. Nowadays, those in the health field acknowledge that this issue has more nuance. There...

Steps To Take If Chronic Pain Is Impacting Your Sex Life

chronic pain and sex
While the words pain and sex aren’t two that we hope to group together, there is a connection between the two that deserves to be evaluated. Sex is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle and relationship, but for some people with chronic pain,...

Interventional Pain Management for Lower Back Pain

Interventional Pain Management for Lower Back Pain
Lower back pain, a.k.a lumbar pain, is one of the most common pain conditions that you may experience. Because it's invisible, lower back pain may be difficult to diagnose and treat. Whether you're suffering from chronic or acute lumbar pain, finding treatment can be...

These Are The Best Questions to Ask Your Pain Doctor

Questions to Ask Your Pain Doctor
Doctor's visits can be overwhelming at the best of times, but when your appointment is a long-awaited visit to a pain physician, nerves and anxiety can easily get the better of you. It’s smart to prepare for every medical appointment beforehand, but doubly so...