AnxietyTop Travel Websites and Apps

Top Travel Websites and Apps

Living with pain doesn’t mean you can’t travel. Check out our list of travel websites and apps designed to help make your time on the road more enjoyable and comfortable.

Going on vacation is exciting but often getting there is stressful with crowded airports, delayed flights and other travel annoyances that can leave you feeling frayed and fatigued. To help make your time on the road more pleasant, we assembled a list of travel-savvy websites and mobile apps that can help you get to your destination with ease and comfort.

Bonus tips:

  • If your flight gets canceled, don’t spend the night on the airport floor. The HotelTonight travel app ( offers serious savings on same-day hotel bookings. For more travel-savvy Web sites and mobile apps, visit
  •, a new business travel site, recommends geo-locational social applications like to check on bars or restaurants trending close to your hotel and then drop in for a cocktail or dinner. Try the Highlight app (highlight/) to see those with shared connections or interests who happen to be nearby.

Wish You Were Here¦

Now that you have the resources to make your time on the road less stressful, why not take a vacation? Here’s our recommendation for a stress-free getaway that promises to ease your pain.

Trade the city grind for unspoiled nature and relaxation at the 12,000-acre Primland Resort near Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains known for its hiking, golf, stargazing and on-site spa. One treatment to keep on your radar is the Soft Pack System, which begins with a light exfoliation followed by the application of such healing ingredients as Sedona mud, which is effective in relieving rheumatic conditions and back and neck pain. A foil-like blanket is then wrapped around your body as you are lowered into warm water, creating the feeling of floating on air. Surprisingly, your body never comes in contact with the water (thanks to the foil cocoon) but the heat generated from being inside the blanket helps the mud bring relief to tired joints and muscles. Post-treatment, relax in the spa’s steam room with chromotherapy lighting that boosts your mood or sip tea in the relaxation area while enjoying the mountain views. 866-960-7746;

BEST mobile Apps for Pain Management

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