Laugh Til’ It Hurts: Dancing To Cure Arthritis?

Dancing Arthritis

In the spirit of a groundbreaking scientific discovery, posted in the New York Times on October 24th, entitled Laughter As a Form of Exercise, PainResource proudly announces the inaugural episode of a new Blog series entitled Laugh Til It Hurts.

According to the study, not only is laughter a therapeutic form of treatment for a number of emotional and physical disorders, particularly chronic pain, but the act of physically laughing out loud is beneficial, as well, even if you have not been spontaneously inspired to do so.

That’s right. Simply sitting in a chair (most fittingly in a straightjacket and a padded room) and purposefully cackling like a psychopathic hyena has shown to be an effective treatment for stress and chronic pain. The study doesn’t reference the straightjacket or the padded room although it should, because if you aren’t careful and find yourself over-enthusiastically treating yourself to a dose or two of premeditated, therapeutic laughter, people in white coats may come take you away and lock you up. At that point, laughter alone won’t be enough to cure your ills.

Still, at PainResource, we are both inspired and amused by this discovery, and in this Blog, we will strive to do what we can to provide you with an occasional laugh or chuckle, as we highlight stories throughout the world that will entertain our members in a way that may temporarily relieve you of the painful trials and tribulations of your day to day life.

Today, we direct you to a video that may not cause you to laugh out loud, although it probably will. Still, it may inspire you to take a few minutes each day out of the stress and chaos of your life to laugh and play a little. While we would never intend to diminish the significance of your pain, and we fully expect each of you to take your pain very seriously, we hope that you won’t take life too seriously.

Clearly, neither do the people in the attached video (posted at which can best be described as a group of coworkers performing synchronized therapeutic dancing in and around their office cubicles. Not knowing where or for whom they work, I can still confidently predict that these very same people will be conducting similar exercises together in an unemployment line fairly soon.

So, without further ado, seeing is believing ENJOY!

To view this ridiculous video, please click on the following link: http://www.digtriad….NTPAGE|featured


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