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Athlete Pain Management Interviews: Vance Johnson

We speak with Vance Johnson about Chronic Pain, addiction, his new recovery facility and his new role with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Former Denver Bronco Vance Johnson sat down with us recently to talk about chronic pain and his new addiction treatment center in Las Vegas: Vance Johnson Recovery Center.

Vance Johnson and Chronic Pain

The three-time Super Bowl player opened up about his battles with chronic pain, addiction, and other personal struggles on and off the field.

Watch the video below to pick up tips on exercising with chronic pain and learn how he deals with his daily struggles, his continuing battle with addiction, and his new role with the Las Vegas Raiders.

Addiction Recovery

If you or someone you know is battling with mental illness or addiction, Vance Johnson is also the ambassador for Oglethorpe Inc. In our exclusive interview, Vance discusses a few of the Oglethorpe facilities and how they help people living with substance use disorders.

Below are the facilities and sites that Vance references:

For all Oglethorpe facilities, please visit the Oglethorpe facility locator.(https://www.oglethorpeinc.com/facilities-locator/)

What are your best tips for others who are dealing with chronic pain or addiction?

Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

What topics related to managing chronic pain in day-to-day like would you like to see us explore?

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