Christa Fairbrother

For Christa, living with arthritis, and teaching yoga are integrated. She had arthritis for more than 20 years before she knew about it, and had a hard time reconciling everything she'd achieved, and her relative lack of pain, with all her joint damage. She gave her lifelong yoga practice the credit, and now she helps other people get more comfort in their joints and use the tools of yoga to manage their health. 

Aqua yoga is her focus because it is kind to people's joints and is so accessible. It's an easy way to start a yoga practice, it allows people who've lost a land practice to continue, and challenges people with an active land practice to explore their bodies in new ways.  You can read more about Christa and her work with aqua yoga at www.christafairbrother.com.

Why You Should Try Aqua Yoga For Chronic Pain

If you’re a chronic pain patient like me, you’ve probably had someone, under the guise of being helpful, tell you to try yoga. But...