Daniel Perez

Daniel Perez is a writer and university student living in Tampa, Florida. His areas of interest include pharmacology, addiction treatment, and behavioral sciences.

Hip Impingement Exercises: Stretches to Help with Hip Pain

Femoroacetabular impingement (FAI), also known as hip impingement, is a blanket term used to describe conditions in which the ball and socket of the...

What’s Causing My Persistent Cough for Over a Week?

Most coughs are caused by minor viral infections and usually clear up within a few days. But as many as one in five people...

What Is Dorsalgia? Dealing With Generalized Back Pain

Our back is a small area, but there are so many interconnected nerves that run through it that pinpointing the exact cause of pain...

Pain Between Shoulder Blades: Common Causes and Warning Signs

Pain between the shoulder blades, often referred to as interscapular pain, is fairly common in adults, especially as they age. Pain between shoulder blades...


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