Mary Beth Sammons

Mary Beth Sammons is an award-winning journalist and author of 10 books about the ups and downs of handling life, health and wellness. She has been a regular contributor for publications and organizations which include AOL's Lifestyle network,,, Family Circle, Chicago Tribune, Psychology Today, Crain's Chicago Business and
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One Thing to Give a Friend: A Hug

Do you know someone who's hurting? A hug might be the perfect way to nurture and share a caring sense of compassion with your...

One Thing to Do: Take a Volunteer Vacation

'The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. -Gandhi That's good news for pain sufferers, since researchers have...

One Thing to Do: Head for the Farmers Market

Inflammation is at the heart of practically every serious disease, including many chronic pain conditions. One thing you can do is load up on colorful...

Make Mother’s Day the start of Mom Health Week”

It's Your Time, Mom! Help mom celebrate and take care of her health by connecting her to National Women's Health Week, a weeklong health observance...

The Healing Power of Touch for Pain

Long before modern medicine cleaved mind from body, the power of touch was a mainstay of ancient healing practices, and practitioners held a reverence...

A Child’s Chronic Illness Story Inspires a Mother’s Journey of Coping, Caring

When a child is chronically ill, the whole family feels the pain, particularly the parents. Regardless of the condition, the stress families suffer is...

Life Goes On: A Mom’s Chronic Pain and a Debilitating Illness Impacts The Entire Family

Carla Valentino knows all too well the toll pain can take on a mom and her loved ones. By Mary Beth Sammons The 45-year-old mom of...

Chronic Pain Sufferers: Take Heart!

Five tips for sharing the love, and keeping pain at bay. Love is in the air and you are hoping for a romantic evening with...

A Pain in the Foot

One-third of Americans suffer foot-related pain. Do you? From head to toe, Americans are feeling pain. Now new research puts a twist on the old...

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