5 Pain Relief Patches that Actually Work

You can use pain relief patches as a complement to other pain relief techniques, or as a standalone aid. Try out these 5 patches for optimal pain relief.

pain relief patches that work

If you have frequent pain, you’ve probably tried everything under the sun to get relief. Patches can offer convenient, on-the-go relief for back pain, neck pain and more. But some patches are more effective than others. Let’s look at pain relief patches that work so you can shop informed. 

The Energeze Patch

The Energeze Patch, launched by medical-device company Prezacor, features an embedded electrode that absorbs electrical waves emitted from the nerves on the pained area. That electrode acts as a sort of antenna: it not only receives energy from the pain site but it also releases a lower-level healing energy back into the area.

That low-frequency energy returned to the pain spot has a calming, healing effect. Prezacor’s research shows that “the lower frequency release of the absorbed electrical field by the Energeze Patch results in a decrease in discomfort by either directly interfering with nerve signal transmission, or activating the nervous system associated with calming, or pleasurable, sensations.” 

Benefits of the Energeze Patch

Finding pain relief patches that work can be a challenge. Some patches last for less than 12 hours to 24 hours, while others are ineffective in targeting deeper pain in the muscles and joints.

Energeze has been tested primarily for the relief of back pain. In fact, clinical trials showed a “70% response rate for reduction or elimination of pain in people with chronic lower back pain.”

Researchers as well as those who have used the product note that the patches are:

  • effective for chronic and acute musculoskeletal pain such as muscle strain
  • safe to use daily and over prolonged periods of time
  • medicine-free and safe to use with other pain medicines 
  • odorless, which allows you to wear them in public with confidence 
  • reusable for 5 days, which helps to save you money
  • gentle

You can order a box of 3 patches online without a prescription for $29.95. They are also available at certain retailers and in the offices of physical therapists, message therapists, chiropractors and spas throughout the United States. 

pain relief patches energeze patch

Other popular pain relief patch options

The Energeze Patch is just one of a variety of options available to help you manage aches and pains. Other popular options include:

Finding pain relief patches that work

You may find that certain patches work well for you while others don’t. You may also find that you prefer cooling relief or warming relief. In some cases, you may be able to combine using a pain relieving patch with oral medications such as aspirin or ibuprofen.


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