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    Anxiety is the reaction to stressful situations and can be diagnosed as a mental disorder. It can come in many different forms, such as panic attacks or phobias. Comparatively, anxiety is different from fear in that fear is a reaction toward an immediate threat, and anxiety is a feeling of dread or nervousness over anticipated events. Additionally, this condition doesn’t have to have a direct cause since it is sometimes fear of the unknown. Therefore, treatment can be trial and error to find helpful coping mechanisms.

    •      Sense of danger, panic, uneasiness
    •      Sleep problems
    •      Always moving around
    •      Sweating
    •      Trembling
    •      Breathing heavily
    •      Tense muscles
    •      Dizziness
    •      Medication
    •      Psychotherapy
    •      Healthy diet
    •      Stress management and relaxation techniques
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