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Local Regulation of Marijuana and Chronic Pain

 Extra sources: FDA Regulation of Cannabis Florida Laws and Penalties Offense Penalty Incarceration   Max. Fine Possession in Florida - other states in the USA 20 grams or less Misdemeanor 1 year $ 1,000 More than 20 grams - 25 lbs Felony 5 years $...

Can I Get Addicted to Pain Medicine?

Sometimes, strong medications called opioids are needed to control pain. Opioid pain relievers are generally safe...

Moderna’s and Pfizer’s Covid Vaccine Booster Shots Cleared By FDA for all U.S. Adults

The Food and Drug Administration authorized Moderna’s and Pfizer’s Covid booster shots for all U.S. adults Friday —...

Ask the Experts: Painkiller Addictions and Warning Signs

Painkiller Addiction Overview Prescription drug abuse or painkiller addiction is the use of a prescription...
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Researchers Find A Way To Block Addiction To Opiates

In an amazing breakthrough, scientists discover a way to block the addiction to heroin and morphine, while still offering pain relief. For years, patients have...

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