The Isolating Loneliness of Living with Chronic Pain


Balance your rest and activity levels. Staying active is a great way to boost mood, improve strength and lower pain levels. Try exercises that work with your body, such as yoga, Tai Chi and walking.

Even gentle forms of exercise release mood boosting chemicals in the brain. On days that you feel better than usual, allow yourself to do one of your favorite activities.

  • Love gardening? Spend some time planting an herb garden.
  • Does heading out to the golf course make you happy? Call up a friend and play a round of golf.
  • Enjoy animals? Head for a nature park to birdwatch.
  • Do you prefer art? Paint, draw or make a new piece of art.

Do the things you love to do because they make you happy, and rest whenever you need to. Anytime you feel down, remember that it’s okay to feel that way. Remember, even with all the ups and downs of living with chronic pain, there are still steps you can take to help you feel better.


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