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    Take One Step to Live a Pain-Free Life

    One thing you can do to manage your pain and enjoy your life as much as possible, in spite of your symptoms, is to become your own pain manager, says John Murphy, a marathoner who shares experiences with chronic post-concussion syndrome to help others manage and recover from their pain.

    The most powerful thing is to become [your] own self-manager, says Murphy. There are plenty of people to help but no one knows you, your body, and your situation as you do; the best person to manage it is you.

    A key to becoming your own pain manager is connecting with others, says Murphy, who teaches a six-week Chronic Pain Self-Management workshop,

    If there are individuals or groups you can get together with to share sometimes just sharing the story helps with someone who understands it can help you not to give up hope, he says.

    Back running marathons, Murphy also recommends setting goals. I learned that I need to not only set goals from a physical activity perspective, but when the right opportunity comes along [for work]. I want to stay optimistic and stay strong.

    How do you manage your pain? Share your tips with our community.


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