Why Is My Pain Worse at Night?

pain worse at night

Why is my pain worse at night? Tips for a good night’s sleep.

Pain worse at night

Most people who experience chronic pain report worse symptoms at night. There are many reasons behind this, and researchers are still investigating this phenomenon today. In this post, we’re going to look into what makes your pain worse at night, and what you can do for a better night’s sleep.

There are fewer distractions at night

During the day, our attention is drawn to many things besides our pain. Phone calls, business meetings and errands actually serve as powerful distractions, because when our mind is preoccupied with other things, it doesn’t think about the pain. At night, however, the stimulation and diversions around us drop, leaving plenty of time for the brain to focus on our discomfort.

U.S. Armed Forces members at Anzio Beach noticed this phenomenon during World War II. When severely wounded soldiers were evacuated from the front lines, they didn’t react to pain in typical ways. In fact, many of the soldiers reported experiencing little pain despite their serious injuries. Researchers have since concluded that the relief of being removed from danger was so great that it distracted them from their suffering.

Distraction can be a powerful tool when it comes to main management. Researchers today have found that virtual reality can be effective in treating pain management.

  • Pain Resource Tip: Practice visualization therapy, or visualizing something that you love, like decadent chocolate cake or your ideal vacation. Get lost in the day dream. You can also try listening to relaxing music, focusing on the rhythm and words in the music.


Carbon dioxide levels are high

We all know that you breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide. However, did you know that your blood vessels expand when your body has higher concentrations of carbon dioxide? The result is that your nerves actually become more sensitive.

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  1. I was so glad to find this site. I am on Oxycodone and only 2 per day(5 mg). I split 1 pill in half to help through out the day and save the whole pill for night. Sadly they only last a few hours (3 to 4) so that leaves a lot of in between time with pain. I have a curved spine at the neck with dead blocks and a pinched nerve that has settled mostly in hands and arms. I also have DVT in my left leg. Anyway, I have tried deep breathing and practice different sayings to help me relax. The pain cause anxiety and so on. Trying a new way through lite exercise and music. Thanks Again


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