Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Chronic Pain


This occurs frequently with back pain where it may be difficult for your doctor to identify exactly where your pain is originating from and why. For example, it could be a spinal cord injury, nerve damage or disc disruption. Whatever it is that’s causing your pain, your doctor may refer you to specialists and/or run several types of tests from blood work to x-rays to get a more complete picture of your health. This can help her rule out other concerns as well. 

why you shouldn't ignore chronic pain

Why you shouldn’t ignore chronic pain

More than anything, you shouldn’t ignore chronic pain because it may be a sign of an underlying and often serious health problem. For example, the CDC found that more than 200,000 heart attacks and strokes could be prevented each year through better medical attention. How does this relate to chronic pain? Consider that such is the case with many of the causes of chronic pain. From diabetes to migraines and even unexpected complications from surgeries, it’s vital to your well-being to recognize and speak up when something hurts. It’s about taking charge, learning to manage and alleviate the pain and gaining a comprehensive understanding of your short term and long term health. 

Your healthcare team is trained to recognize the early warning signs of serious illness. The pain you have been living through may indeed be a sign of one. By being open with your healthcare team, eating a nutrient dense diet, making meaningful lifestyle changes and taking the right medicines, preventable deaths could be significantly lowered by as much as 40% each year. This goes hand in hand with managing chronic pain. By reducing threat to your body, you can help to prevent and/or alleviate chronic pain. Improved movement in daily activities and in fitness activities such as yoga, dance, running, martial arts and weight training are just a few ways to reduce your threat. 

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