Get Relief Today: 4 Essential Natural Remedies for Fibromyalgia

natural remedies for fibromyalgia

Have you ever wondered if there are researched-backed, natural remedies for fibromyalgia?

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes widespread pain and tenderness that may occur over the entire body or in centralized areas. Some of the most common symptoms of fibromyalgia include muscle pain and stiffness. Other symptoms include: 

  • fatigue and tiredness
  • depression and anxiety
  • tender points and tingling 
  • poor sleep 
  • problems with thinking and memory 
  • headaches and migraines
  • fibro fog 

It is estimated that approximately 10 million people in the United States are afflicted with this condition. It is known to be more prevalent in women. In fact, it’s twice as likely for women to suffer from it than men. 

Living with the pain of fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia makes it difficult to live a normal life. When you’re constantly experiencing pain, every day can feel like a battle. While there is no cure, there are techniques that can treat fibromyalgia and provide pain relief and management to improve quality of life. These techniques include medications. However, medications can have some uncomfortable side effects, making long-term treatment challenging.

Enter natural remedies.

Natural remedies for fibromyalgia include practices geared toward improving pain relief treatments and leading to overall reduced pain. This includes a focus on lifestyle changes and exercises you can do at home. In this guide, let’s explore 4 research-backed natural remedies for fibromyalgia to ease the daily burden of living with this condition.

Remedy #1: Yoga 

Just the thought of exercising when you’re in chronic pain can be scary. Ironically, that’s what makes yoga a great choice. Yoga is ideal for people with fibromyalgia because it can be modified to fit each individual person’s specific needs.

There are innumerable benefits that come with practicing yoga. These include its ability to:

  • calm the mind
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • relieve muscle tension
  • strengthen muscles and flexibility

Try these three beginner poses:

Child’s pose

Child’s pose is a position with your face facing toward the earth, allowing you to turn your focus toward your inner self.

When you are in this pose, focus on your breath to help you quit your mind. Hold this pose as long as it feels comfortable. Return to this pose at any time in your practice to recenter yourself and your breath.

Want to see child’s pose in action? Check out this video: 

Legs up the wall pose

This is a gentle inversion that works in the opposite direction of your general posture. It allows your hip and leg muscles to stretch and relax. This pose can also reduce swelling and fatigue in your feet and ankles.

If this pose feels challenging on your lower back or hips, consider placing a bolster or folded blanket under your hips for added support.

Looking to learn more about the legs up the wall pose? Here you go: 

Standing forward fold pose

This pose can have a great calming effect on your mind. It can also help to relieve symptoms such as back strain and pain. Bend down as far as feels comfortable for you. You might also try holding opposite elbows and swaying from side to side.


  1. A very interesting article. Wish I had all this info 34 years ago. I found Plexius Bio Energy gave me great relief. If lasted into the long term and I have a treatment from time to time to keep me well while I am well. Fibromyalgia was the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life. I lived in hell for 20 years with it and osteo arthritis also.

    • Mary,

      Thank you for your comment and for sharing what has worked well for you. We just created a new community where you can share success stories with others. Please visit to sign up and join our community. We’d love to have you there!


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