6 Strange Signs of Fibromyalgia

Are you experiencing brain fog, strange tingling and body aches? These may be signs of fibromyalgia. Read to learn more about this condition.

Signs of Fibromyalgia
Signs of Fibromyalgia

As if living with fibromyalgia isn’t bad enough, this chronic pain syndrome (or disease) has all sorts of unusual signs and symptoms. If you aren’t familiar with fibromyalgia, it’s a rather mysterious condition, because it affects your whole body with all sorts of painful and almost unexplainable symptoms.

“It is scary not being in control of your body as so many different things happen on any given day and 24/7 pain. Not one day is the same as the other, so I go through life one day at a time.”

According an article from to the Mayo Clinic, ‘Fibromyalgia is a disorder characterized by widespread musculoskeletal pain, accompanied by fatigue, sleep, memory and mood issues. Researchers believe that fibromyalgia amplifies painful sensations by affecting the way your brain processes pain signals.’

As one fibro sufferer explained online, “It is scary not being in control of your body as so many different things happen on any given day and 24/7 pain. Not one day is the same as the other, so I go through life one day at a time.”

Common Signs of Fibromyalgia

Signs of Fibromyalgia ChartFibromyalgia starts with symptoms like widespread achy pain that you can feel on both sides of your body. The onset of this pain usually lasts for three months. Fatigue is another common problem that makes this chronic condition especially hard to live with, because it means even if you get good sleep, you still wake up tired.

#1 – Fibro Fog

The term “fibro fog” is similar to the term pregnant women and new moms use called “pregnancy brain.” It means you have trouble remembering things and your ability to concentrate like you normally do is difficult. Your brain simply feels “foggy.” Fibro fog can make it difficult to follow conversations, do simple math calculations or cause you to misplace things often.

While it may sound odd, it’s a very common and serious complaint from fibromyalgia sufferers. According to an article on WebMD, “Over half of people with fibromyalgia say they have these kinds of problems, and many feel the fog impacts their lives more than the pain, tenderness, and fatigue.”

#2 – Sensitivity to Light & Sound

If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know how much light sensitivity hurts. Unfortunately for people with fibromyalgia, hypersensitivity to their surroundings in another common sign. Things like being bothered by bright lights and loud sounds is a common, yet odd symptom of fibromyalgia.

#3 – Difficulties with Colors & Smells

Fibromyalgia can also impact other senses, like how you see colors and your sense of smell. Some people even report strange smell sensations when there are no odors present. According to an article on Fibromyalgia Treating, “You may have difficulty with driving at night or you may lose the ability to distinguish the difference between colors. Some people are more sensitive to strong odors, which is not the same as being allergic to specific fragrances.”

Signs of Fibromyalgia Infographic#4- Uncomfortable Skin Sensations

Another strange sign of fibromyalgia is paresthesia. That’s when you experience uncomfortable sensations like itching, numbness, ‘pins and needles,’ tingling or burning. It can also be the sensation like something is crawling on you. A big problem about paresthesia is not just the sensations themselves, but the heightened anxiety about when the symptoms may happen, since they are unpredictable.

#5 – Chest Pain & Signs of Fibromyalgia

A scary, strange sign of fibromyalgia is chest pain that can you make you think you’re suffering a heart attack. This is quite serious in nature, because it tends to require immediate medical attention. According to New Life Outlook, “The chest is one of the trigger points where fibro patients experience pain.” It usually presents as a sharp pain in the chest with no other symptoms.

#6 – Controlling Body Temperature

As if all of the aforementioned signs aren’t bad enough, another common complaint is excessive sweating. Since fibromyalgia affects the certain parts of the brain, it would make sense that your brain has trouble regulating your body temperature. These are the same receptors that regulate your bowels and other bodily functions.

Signs of Fibromyalgia GraphIf you’re suffering from some of these strange signs of fibromyalgia, the good news is you’re not alone. Your concerns, anxiety, pain and discomfort are valid, because thousands of other people are experiencing the same thing. If you’ve spoken to your doctor, but are still struggling to make sense of this chronic condition, you can find many resources online like fibromyalgia support groups and discussion boards to help you better navigate your symptoms.

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  1. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2001. I have always been sensitive to temperature. I am either too hot or too cold. My feet and hands are always cold unless I have them in hot water. I ache all over and some days the simplest task is exhausting. The last few months have been extremely difficult as it is taking me longer to recoup my energy than ever before. It is so frustrating. On the bright side…I am retired so can take each day as it comes.

  2. It’s like your getting the flu , everyday.
    Can’t plan for events. It’s not fun not being dependable. Banking my efforts to do something is ok, but pay for the effort afterwards.
    Once in awhile waking up feeling normal and rested again, only for it to start up in the afternoon.

  3. Strange symptoms as confirmed by a doctor? You must be kidding. Over 12 years and I’m still challenged with my diagnosis by numerous doctors. Most of us are on our own. Maybe ruled out as something else would be a better requirement.

    • Yes I have neck pain as well. I take generic Cymbalta and it seems to help. But if I do too much driving, like an hr or more and pulling, or pushing on a vacuum it still hurts. Cleaning houses was my job so I had to quit. But I can’t sit up or sit for too long periods either due to accidents I’ve had in the past. I take nebumatone for pain. It takes that icky feeling away. I have a farm and dogs I train and I find it harder& harder to do. But rest wen my body needs it does more help than anything. But since covid I lost allot of muscle and strength. So I’m doing physical therapy. Which was helping but I love the water so I tried pool therapy and did too much to soon. My brain doesn’t seem to work a well anymore either. I will over do it quick. But if I rest for a day I’m usually ok. I take muscle relaxers to help if I over do it. I try not to take too many meds because they to have side effects. So just what I need wen I need it. I’m learning I have to pace myself. Prayers for all who are suffering from this disease.

  4. Hello Lynne, yes, I too have had this crazy illness for many, many years. I had a bad car accident in 1986 and then many doctors trying to diagnose and help me. I just wanted to tell you, that Magnesium with Vitamin D-3 will help absorb it better, look it up. I hope it helps. Take Care and if I can help, please email me any time. Oh sorry, I read further and saw that you do take Vit. D3.

  5. I believe I grind my teeth at night as they are now jagged. My dentist mentioned this and is making me something to fix over my teeth at night to stop this. When I looked it up I found this could also relate to fibromyalgia. Has anyone else got this problem? I’ve suffered with fibro for 18 years now and am find it more difficult to deal with every day as I get older. I’m 74 in November.

    • Yes, I grind my teeth and clench my jaw. I got braces in hopes it would help with tmj as well. I just grind through the mouth pieces in anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. I was told they help a lot of people though so hopefully it works for you.

    • Yes, Jennie. I have been grinding my teeth since a child and clench as well. I believe I’ve had fibro my whole life and it came from a head injury at 1 year old but no evidence of such. It flared up 10 years after having influenza twice in 6 weeks. I also have scoliosis (40° double curve). I have a night guard that works without question. I’ve had night guards since I was in my 20’s. Even with the night guard i have had my jaw lock up. Could barely get small teaspoon size mashed potatoes in my mouth. Dentist’s usually get the mouth guards made for you. They have gotten very expensive. I last paid $350.00 about 5 years ago. I have to get the hard kind since I grind right through the soft plastic ones in a month. So make sure you get a hard night guard or you’ll probably pay for both of them. I’m so sorry you suffer with fibro. It’s a terrible affliction. Good luck and God Bless you.

  6. I have Sjogren syndrome and fibromyalgia and I am taking Hydroxchloquine for Sjogrens I have lost about a 1/3 of my hair and this bothers me almost the worst. Has anybody else lost a great deal of their hair? And what medication are you taking for the fibromyalgia I have really strange reactions to any kind of medication so I struggle with taking anything.
    If you are experiencing hair loss can anybody tell me what they are doing to prevent this?

    • I also have Sjogren and Fibromialgia. I do not take meds on a regular basis . If the symptoms is bad i take cortizone . I find that flaxseed oil capsules and moringa helps a lot for me. It is just the heat intolerance that is getting me down .

      • Hi Bonny. I’ve been through 2 bouts of losing hair. Handfuls at a time! I hate it! I grew up with a lot of hair and got many compliments. I don’t know if it’s fibro related or aging related. My sister told me that a friend suggested she put olive oil on her head. It worked. She now has a head of thick beautiful hair. I have yet to try it but I am going to. Good luck.

    • I have Sjögren’s as well. They claim I don’t have anything else but I hurt a lot . My hair has been falling out before I got the Sjögren’s diagnosis. I also feel like I have some hearing loss and constantly dealing with some type of rash.

  7. I have experienced all of these symptoms on a daily basis. I have get the rash on my face that is also known as the butterfly. I’ve talked to my Dr about these symptoms and done so many blood test and they have all came up negative. It makes me feel like I’m going crazy and I know I’m not making all of this up. I know it takes years to find anything. I just want the pain to stop. I’m only 32 but I feel like a 90 year old woman.

  8. I have been experiencing hear loss. I am on my way to a specialist because hearing loss has been also connected with Fibromyalgia. They say the nerve fibers in your ears can die. I will learn more next week. I also have had it effect my rib cage areas. It Took months to link that symptom as well. My sight has done a major change since this time last year. I have suffered for 11 years and was diagnosed by the Mayo Clinic. I have always worked, but I am at apoint of considering to file for disability. I eat right exercise as much as I can. I also went to physical therapy to learn new ways of doing every day tasks.

    • I believe that I have hearing loss also I cannot hear very well but yet I’ve had my hearing tested three times and they say I do not have a hearing problem. I would love to hear what your doctor said about your hearing and if you got any kind of solution

    • Hello Tara, I was diagnosed in 1990. It took 4 yrs & 6 doctors to finally figure it out. I had a bad car accident in late 1986. A train system was connected to a 4 way traffic light. The light was malfunctioning so I had green lights all 4 ways. It has been very difficult, I was in a hospital bed for a long time, went back to work for 5 yrs but then the doctors said that I could not work anymore so I did leave and then two years later applied for disability benefits and eventually was approved and now I am 72 and still trying to improve in all of the ways that I know how. I do have to take pain meds of which I am very grateful for because without them, I would be in bed everyday instead of up living my life. I rest several times throughout the day but I have two good doctors now which help me get through it. I just wish that people would understand what it’s like and that it is a REAL ILLNESS! I hope this will help, don’t give up, stay as healthy as you can and try to keep stress under control because it really causes terrible flare ups that go on and on. Take Care All.

  9. Thank you for this information. I have suffered for over 15 years. And I really believe my Mother had it also. But that wasn’t even thought of back in 1991. She would say she hurt in spots. In her arms, legs. I also feel it is hereditary. I feel their will never be a cure, unfortunately. But managing the desease better will come when Dr’s understand it and accept it. Thank You.

  10. I’ve had fibromyalgia for 30+ years. It could well over 20 years to get diagnosed. According to my Dr it was” part of getteg older. I was in my early 30’s. I did lots of research +I’m doing well. I’ve stopped most of my drugs. It’s rare for me to take painkillers. In fact I can’t remember the last time I did. Here’s how I start my recovery,( I know I’ll probably never be 100%) Firstly start taking magnesium, if you’ve got fibro you’ll be very low on it. Why? Because your nerves never switch off and they need magnesium to work so that little Furness is always burning magnesium. I’ve found 1. chelated magnesium the best, take on empty stomach, works even better if taken with vitamin C(natural vit c) . I you only change one thing make it this one.(takes few weeks to kick in) .2. Collagen types 1,2+3. (You can also get type4) on empty stomach. Morning and night.3. Vitamin D3 with VIt k2 mk7 type.start on10,000 iu’s(iu’s always make it’s sound like huge amounts but there not really) get up to 20,000 iu’s for about a month then drop off back to 10,000. Always take capsules they work best. This is not an over night thing but within a month pain levels drop off. I never travel away from home without these. If you do these your on your way to being happier, healthier and pain free. Read or ,view Dr mercola on YouTube.

    • I had leg & toe cramps; restless leg; racing heart every night. I started taking magnesium and was amazed how much it helped . When I don’t take it I get it all back right away, try it yourself it works

    • Hello Lynne, yes, I too have had this crazy illness for many, many years. I had a bad car accident in 1986 and then many doctors trying to diagnose and help me. I just wanted to tell you, that Magnesium with Vitamin D-3 will help absorb it better, look it up. I hope it helps. Take Care and if I can help, please email me any time.

    • Hello Lynne, yes, I too have had this crazy illness for many, many years. I had a bad car accident in 1986 and then many doctors trying to diagnose and help me. I just wanted to tell you, that Magnesium with Vitamin D-3 will help absorb it better, look it up. I hope it helps. Take Care and if I can help, please email me any time. Oh sorry, I read further and saw that you do take Vit. D3.


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