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Pain Resource Holiday Gift Ideas for Chronic Pain 2019

With the holiday season upon us, it's time to start shopping for gifts! This is Pain Resource's holiday gift ideas for chronic pain.

The holidays are here and if youre anything like me, you havent even started shopping yet! Living with chronic pain and an autoimmune disorder takes up a lot of my energy, but I still love buying presents for people in my life. Thankfully, online shopping is a lifesaver for anyone who procrastinates or doesn’t want to brave the craziness of in-store shopping. Additionally, shopping online helps me keep up my energy and avoid pain, so I can focus on what Im grateful for. If you or a loved one has chronic pain, here are some great gift ideas for chronic pain.

Remember, everyones pain and treatment options are different. I always recommend asking what they currently do to help their pain or what theyre hoping to try before purchasing a pain relief product.

LoveHandle Phone Grips

love handle phone grips

This is such a simple invention that has made such a big difference in my life. How many times a day do you drop your phone or other devices? Before I started using a LoveHandle, I couldnt count the number of times I would drop mine (and crack it)!

Using this device allows me to hold on to my phone much easier, especially as the winter cold increases the pain in my hands. This allows me to connect with my online community of people with chronic pain when I need them the most.

They have hundreds of beautiful designs, but my personal favorite are from the new line of Warrior, Advocate, and Spoonie Strong handles that I helped design to benefit the Multiple Sclerosis Society. At only $10 each, you can get one for every electronic device in your house. They make great stocking stuffers too!

Click here for our full Amazon wish list.

Taming Chronic Pain: A Management Guide for a More Enjoyable Life:

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Having lived with varying levels of chronic pain for over six years now, I often joke that I could write a book. As most chronic pain sufferers know, the frustrations that come with an invisible illness dont come with a handbook, but it sure would help. Amy Orrs new book, Taming Chronic Pain: A Management Guide for a More Enjoyable Life isnt a manual for life with chronic pain, but it is a great guide and quick read for anyone that struggles with pain.

Because pain can make everyone a little crazy sometimes, humor can provide a helpful balm. Orr consistently inserts humor into her writing. She injects sarcasm into each chapter but also manages to write honestly about her own experiences, making her book a thoughtful gift for someone living with pain. She also includes some good advice on how to deal with chronic pain. 

Yoga Equipment:

Many people with chronic pain suffer from back pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. Numerous studies have shown that yoga can holistically manage these types of pain.

If you or a loved one are interested in reducing back, neck and shoulder pain, yoga is a simple and cost-effective way to get started. I recommend this yoga mat to get started. This yoga DVD set, created by and endorsed by professionals, also makes a great gift for someone who has expressed interest in learning some new moves.

Crafty Gifts:

Art can actually be a wonderful form of therapy, and it’s super easy to do it at home. Adult coloring books are especially popular right now. They make great gifts for people that are able to use their hands without much pain.

adult coloring book holiday gift ideas for chronic pain

If youd like to try a new form of art therapy, but youre not sure what to do, check out the book Art Therapy: Inspirational and practical ways to de-stress and realize your creative potential. This book sets up 15 different projects to work on, all with easy-to-follow steps. 

Comforting Gifts:

Can you ever have too many items that add comfort to an often uncomfortable life? I dont think so! Gifts such as heating pads, TENS units, and heated blankets are always appreciated by people who experience pain relief from heat.

On the other hand, some people experience more relief from cold than heat, so its always best to ask the gift recipient first. If youre looking for an ice pack that lasts HOURS, I recommend Koldtec, which has patented technology to keep you cool.

Gift Certificates:

In addition to the physical effects, living with chronic pain often puts a burden on people financially. If your gift recipient has a favorite massage therapist, restaurant, or meal delivery service, then think about purchasing them a gift card so that they can treat themselves to something they love. Of course, Amazon Prime or Audible subscriptions always make great gifts too.

Truly, the best gift you can give someone living with pain is the gift of understanding and support. Ask what they need or could use help with and do it without hesitation. Learning what not to say to someone in pain, believing them when they share how they are feeling, and researching their illness can go a long way. Some things money cannot buy.

Life with chronic pain and illness is challenging, but having a support system makes a huge difference. Please remember to give your friends in chronic pain some grace and trust that they are doing their best. Also, keep checking in on them. We love and appreciate you for it!

The writer, Jenna Green, may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post, but it wont affect the price you pay. All opinions are her own and she only recommends products she has tried and loved. For the full affiliate disclosure, click here.

What gift ideas for chronic pain do you have this year?

Share your gift guide in the comments below or email us at info@painresource.com with your suggestions for future articles.

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