It’s Time to Transition: Top Plant-Based Foods for Better Joints


Tips for transitioning to plant-based foods

Incorporating the above fruits and vegetables into your diet doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing decision. In fact, making a sudden transition to a vegetarian or vegan diet can be difficult, and may even set you up for failure. Try these tips: 

  • Focus on incorporating one or more of the healthy foods above into your diet each day.
  • Remove processed foods from your diet one week or one month at a time. 
  • Incorporate plant-based meats into meals. The plant-based food industry is booming, and plant-based meats have never been healthier, more accessible or more affordable. 
  • Reframe your thinking about vegetables, grains, fruits and other plant-based foods. They aren’t sides to animal products at meals; they can be the focus of meals. 

Each time you make a meal, choose to make an effort to eat mainly foods that combat inflammatory effects. With some time, you’re likely to notice reduced inflammation in the body as well as more comfortable joints.

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