Guest Contributor: How to Fight Invisible Pain

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Many thanks to our guest writer Brad Krause for his contribution highlighting strategies to help fight invisible pain. 

Millions of Americans talk to their doctors every day about pain. Fortunately, many of these patients will find a solution to their problems. However, it’s not always possible to pinpoint the cause of chronic pain, and some doctors will turn a blind eye. When you have to fight invisible pain, you can often feel as if every facet of your life is made more demanding and more of a struggle. Let’s look at how to prepare to face the day-to-day battles. 

Chronic pain 101

Chronic pain can refer to systemic discomfort or aches and pains in one specific location. For example, migraine headaches are a type of chronic pain. Rheumatoid arthritis is a type of joint pain triggered by inflammation. People with cancer often experience pain during and after treatment. Visceral pain, that deriving from the internal organs, and bone pain, often resulting from bone cancer or osteoporosis, are common as well. 

fight invisible pain

Pain, pain, go away

To fight an invisible pain means being you will be challenged to narrow down solutions that help manage the pain while going about your everyday life. Thankfully, modern medicine has found numerous treatments for chronic pain that are largely considered safe. CBD, a compound derived from cannabis, has been FDA-approved to treat seizures but also shows promise for its pain-relieving anti-inflammatory properties. Products that contain cannabis can be purchased online, but consumption may only be legal in states where industrial hemp cultivation has been legalized.

You likely have to fight invisible pain when it’s most inconvenient: when you’re ready to call it a night. It may be triggered or made worse by your inability to sleep through the night. Sometimes there are physical reasons for insomnia such as back or neck pain. These issues may be rectified by making changes to your sleeping environment. If you’re suffering from back pain, you may be best served by swapping out your old innerspring mattress with a new memory foam model, which helps to eliminate pressure points and align your spine naturally. This simple change of mattress type may not only relieve chronic back pain but also help prevent the need for invasive treatments.

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