LifestyleTop 7 Chronic Pain Tweets From the Spoonie Community

Top 7 Chronic Pain Tweets From the Spoonie Community

The Spoonie Community on Social Media

If you have chronic pain, you know how isolating and lonely it can feel. Often it feels like you are the only one in the world who understands what pain is like. But when you start scrolling through social media and find someone else struggling in the same ways that you are, that can be an incredibly affirming experience.

We love it when people share their spoonie moments. It brings us together, it connects us, it bridges the divide that chronic pain puts between an individual and everyone else.

So in honor of the amazing spoonie community and bringing us together, here is a list of our favorite spoonie tweets of all time.

Shoutout to all these spoonies below for being vulnerable and raw. You are making a community.

Best Spoonie Quotes

acknowledging the pain and suffering chronic pain causes in the spoonie community

Thank you Sia for acknowledging the pain and suffering chronic pain causes! 133 million American adults suffer from chronic pain and it makes life so hard. But having people like you talk about it can make it seem less lonely. Welcome to the spoonie community!

“excessive crying” symptom for adults
We especially love this tweet by Rachel because maybe there should be an “excessive crying” symptom for adults. We all cry, just some of us more than others. We can definitely relate to Rachel on this one.

frequent flyers discount for going to the pharmacist

Anyone else think there should be a frequent flyers discount for going to the pharmacist every week? At least we should get our own private room with drinks.

Missing out on family events

So often half the battle is just trying to explain to your family what you are going through. Missing out on family events and traditions is hard enough, but when they don’t understand that can be even harder.

Spoonie Community - 34 million Americans have diabetes

Let’s normalize this! 34 million Americans have diabetes; insulin shots shouldn’t be weird! Meredith is doing it for survival.

Kindness says a lot

Literally, everyone is going through something. Take a minute before you get mad at someone and understand that they have difficult things going on as well. Kindness says a lot.

Your reality is uncomfortable and your true friends will accept that

You shouldn’t have to lie or end things positively just to make someone else comfortable. Your reality is uncomfortable and your true friends will accept that. The bad days are bad, and you shouldn’t have to pretend otherwise.

Community Makes All the Difference

The spoonie community does an amazing job of educating people and being honest about their reality. People are brought together by others taking the hard step to be vulnerable in a world where everything should be Instagram picture perfect. And what better use can social media have than to create a community of people living with the same difficulties?

Don’t stop spreading the love! Comment below with your favorite chronic pain tweets or quotes. We would love to share them on our social media!

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