5 Myths and Facts Linked to Physical Therapy

physical therapy

Physical therapy is a crucial way of treating pain that occurs due to injuries and underlying illnesses; however, most people fail to take its advantages because of the myths associated with it. Since people believe in what they hear from others, it ends-up preventing them from seeking professional help at the right time.

The worst part is that the pain starts worsening if you delay in taking treatment. Therefore, it’s vital to see a healthcare professional as quickly as possible.

If you are someone who does not know much about physical therapy, here is a list of myths and facts about it.

1. Myth – You Need Doctor’s Referral

Most people think that they can’t see a physical therapist (PT) until they have a doctor’s referral, which is incorrect. It’s a myth that you need a doctor’s referral; you shouldn’t believe in it. If you live in this impression, you won’t be able to treat your problem. Studies show that over 70% of people think that they can’t consult a physical therapist until their physician asks them for it. It’s a massive number!

Fact – You Can Consult a Physical Therapist Directly

The good news is that you don’t always need a doctor’s referral to consult a PT. Yes, if you are struggling with pain, you can visit the best PT clinic in your area for healing your condition. It is true that in some states physical therapists need your doctor’s approval; however, it doesn’t apply all the time.

2. Myths – It Doesn’t Heal The Pain That Stems From Illnesses

One of the biggest myths is that a physical therapist only treats injuries. Most people restrain themselves from visiting a PT clinic even if they struggle with conditions like hip and knee aches, back and neck pain or arthritis pain because they believe a physical therapist treats only injuries.

Fact – It Treats Both Injuries & Illnesses

Whether you are struggling with shin splints, hamstring strain, ankle sprain, groin pull, tennis elbow or arthritis, physical therapy is an ideal solution to your problem.

3. Myth – Physical Therapy Is All About Stretches

Most people underestimate the significance of consulting a PT because they think that their therapist will only teach them stretches. They do not trust the potential of a physical therapist in treating their condition.

Fact – It Can Treat Both Physical & Mental Conditions

Those who believe that physical therapy is only about performing physical activities will be surprised to know that it can improve both their mental and physical health. PTs use several techniques such as acupuncture, manual therapy, Kinesio taping, massage therapy, deep tissue laser therapy, and joint mobilization to heal mental and physical conditions. So, whether you are living with anxiety and stress or a sports injury, you can see a licensed PT.

4. Myth – It Leads To Pain & Discomfort

Since a lot of people think that physical therapy is painful, they do not approach a PT. They believe that techniques like dry needling and acupuncture lead to pain, so they restrain themselves from seeking such services.

Fact – It’s Not Painful

Dry needling and acupuncture do require the use of needles, but it does not cause pain. Just because it looks scary, patients say no to these techniques up front. In actuality, acupuncture, is one of the best ways to heal pain and restore function.


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