The Future of Pain Management

Pain Management

Medical science is advancing at a historic rate even if seems slow at times. When you need treatment, you want the most powerful solutions available, even if the science is yet to catch up with your needs. That’s why you seek enlightenment on the future of such treatments. Here’s a guide on the future of pain management.

Modern Problems

Doctors ask a simple question of their patients. When someone is in pain, medical professionals request a rating of the sensation on a 10-point scale. Anyone who has ever suffered a 10 for even a second understands that pure pain is intolerable. It humbles even the strongest people. Some of the sickly suffer this sort of elevated discomfort all day every day. It’s a horrible way to live, and that’s why medical scientists constantly search for new medicines that lessen human suffering.

The concern such noble professionals face is that their solutions must not come with other consequences. Historically, opiates were a popular form of medication to treat pain. The danger patients faced when taking such drugs was that they became addicted. As an example, Prince, the music icon, died from an opioid overdose. He took the drug to deal with chronic hip pain, and the treatment ultimately killed him. Doctors must keep unforeseen consequences like these in mind while advancing the cause of pain management.

Critical Advances

In recent years, medical advances both big and small have aided doctors in the war against suffering. Something as minor as a knee scooter may not seem like much until you have need of one. Then, you’ll discover how much you lessen your pain as well as the inconvenience of your malady thanks to the newfound mobility. It’s a simple but important advance in pain management.

Contrast something that minor to proton therapy. This dramatic advance in the war against cancer irradiates the cells that threaten human life. The magic of the technology is that it improves on existing cancer treatments, almost all of which must damage healthy tissue to combat the disease. In other words, other remedies cause new problems while solving existing ones. Proton therapy sidesteps such issues, thereby performing pain management before it even begins.

Upcoming Advances

Scientists evaluate all aspects of the human body as they attempt to identify better forms of pain management. One of the most interesting new solutions in testing involves back pain.

Anyone who suffers from this condition understands how crippling the sensations are. Even if you want to move, your body might not allow it. Researchers believe they have found the means to alleviate such issues. The solution is spinal cord stimulation. A computer program modified to manipulate the affected area has produced promising results.

Another area for growth is in the field of amateur pharmacology. In the future, those suffering from maladies may have the ability to create a homebrew painkiller. Such treatments would act similarly to recipes. A person could modify the ingredients to counteract the pained body part.

Over the past decade, doctors have made tremendous inroads in the field of pain management. Thanks to technological advances and innovative solutions, the future of the industry is even brighter.


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