Jeanine’s joints


She also has flares, episodes when her RA gets rowdy and the overwhelming fatigue turn her into Sleeping Beauty. “I’ve been known to sleep 20 hours at a stretch,” she said. “My perception is that it’s my body’s way of saying, ‘Stop now or you won’ be able to function. ”

Life with RA has other challenges. It can be really frustrating when I want to do things with friends,” she said. And then there’s dating. When do I tell a guy I’ve just met that the limp he may have noticed is RA?She’s still figuring that out.

Ten years after her diagnosis, Jeanine, now 37, is ready and eager for life beyond academia in a role where she can help to effect change and improve the lives of women everywhere.

Jeanine Yutani has a beautiful smile, a generous heart, and a curiosity about the world. She’s approachable, kind, and patient. She loves greyhounds, her friends, and her family. She’s an intrepid traveler and an independent woman. And she has rheumatoid arthritis. It’s an illness she lives with; it’s not who she is or what defines her.

My Favorite Things

In her circle of friends, Jeanine is affectionately called, the gadget girl.

I’m all about finding products and tools that don’t stress my hands and wrists and that make navigating life easier, she said. We asked Jeanine to share some favorites from her current collection of RA-friendly products.


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