AddictionReview of Darryl Strawberry’s Book: Don’t Give Up on Me

Review of Darryl Strawberry’s Book: Don’t Give Up on Me

Darryl Strawberry’s new book, Don’t Give Up on Me, takes the reader on a journey through the MLB All-Star’s life, starting with his childhood living with an alcoholic, abusive father. Forced to begin his life from a rough start, Darryl battled the mental difficulties that come hand-in-hand with living with an abusive parent.

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Even after he and his brothers forced his father out of the house, the shadow of Darryl’s father lingered like a threatening cloud over him for decades. Don’t Give Up on Me delves into the mental struggle and trials and tribulations that Darryl overcame. He almost threw away his baseball career, but did not throw away his life. This is an ultimate story of recovery that can help anyone who reads it.

Darryl Strawberry book Don't Give Up on Me
Darryl Strawberry book Don’t Give Up on Me

Understanding the road to recovery

Often, the road to recovery is paved with many bumps along the way for recovering addicts. The chances of relapse are very subjective, as there are many factors that influence the strength of the addiction. For example, the type of drug, individual’s personality, family history, access to triggers and more all factor into whether or not a person will relapse or not, and how many times it will happen.

From an outsider’s perspective, it can be perplexing as to why a celebrity, who seems to have the world by its tail, would throw everything away to get high. What people didn’t see, though, was the battle that Darryl was fighting within.

Don’t Give Up on Me delves into what really happened in the Strawberry household as Darryl was growing up, and what was going through his head as he stepped into the pros. Doctors who specialize in mental health and addiction analyze what was really happening in Darryl’s mind, how he got so far into the throes of addiction, and his ultimate recovery.

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