QuizSuperhero Quiz: Find Out What Superhero You Are!

Superhero Quiz: Find Out What Superhero You Are!

What superhero am I?

Wondering whether you’re more like Superman or Wonder Woman? Look no further! Answer these quick questions, find out what superhero you are, and share your results with the community!

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This quiz is brought to you by Heroes’ Mile. Heroes’ Mile services the needs of our true super heroes, Veterans.

If you are a Veteran, or have a loved one who is a veteran in need of substance abuse help, please contact Heroes’ Mile by visiting heroesmile.com

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  1. Got this, The Demigoddess of the Amazon herself: Wonder Woman! A compassionate, caring, highly competitive warrior, you try to avoid conflict at all costs, but if pressed will step up to the task at hand, and may occasionally take pleasure in the challenges it presents.

  2. I got Captain Marvel…
    You are an extremely stubborn and rebellious person. You’re also an outgoing team player, and oftentimes get your energy from those around you. While, like everyone else, you have your shortcomings; you rarely spend time navel-gazing over them and never let them hold you back.

  3. Are you a bird? Perhaps a plane? No! You’re Superman! You’re gentle, kindhearted, and above all else: selfless. You have a firm knowledge of right and wrong and an amazing ability to act decisively in a crisis.


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