7 Tips to Kick-Start Your Post-Holiday Detox

post-holiday detox

The holidays and the upcoming new year are great opportunities to practice gratitude and enjoy quality time with the ones we love. But they’re also opportunities that invite us to overindulge in sweets and treats while avoiding physical activity and other self-care routines. When that big holiday meal leaves you feeling lethargic, bloated and guilty this year, get back on track with this post-holiday detox plan. 

1) Drink lemon water

post-holiday detox

Start your day the morning after that holiday meal with a warm glass of water and lemon. Lemon is a natural cleansing fruit and kickstarts your digestion and metabolism. Have a glass first thing in the morning before your morning coffee and breakfast. Make it a part of your morning routine even after the holiday season. 

2) Indulge in greens

Holiday meals are typically filled with food that isn’t exactly health. Rebalance your nutrition with the power of green veggies

If you have a juicer, juice things like lettuce, kale or spinach and add apples, ginger root and lemon for extra flavor. You can also find a local juice bar to grab an on-the-go option. It’s easiest for your body to absorb the nutrients in juice on an empty stomach, so try to drink the juice first thing in the morning or in the afternoon between meals.

Detox post holidays | pins and needles in hands and feet information

Plan meals featuring:

  • A wide variety of veggies and fruits
  • Whole grains
  • Beans and legumes
  • Nuts
  • Plenty of water

Eating healthier is a gradual process that takes time. Trying to overhaul your diet quickly may not be sustainable for your lifestyle. Make small changes for your post-holiday detox and then slowly integrate them into your routine throughout the year. Start by committing to eating a piece of fruit in the morning with your breakfast. Or swap out fries or chips for steamed vegetables. You might be surprised at how your taste buds and cravings change as you incorporate healthier changes into your diet.

This actually makes it easier to make healthier choices in the long run, and you set yourself up for success. Once you have made progress with smaller changes, you will naturally gravitate toward bigger, healthier ones.

3) Say no to heavy junk foods 

You may have indulged in all things not nutrient dense over the holidays – including alcohol. Many of these foods may cause inflammation in the body. Reduce the inflammation and put nutrition first by cutting out junk foods. This will allow your body to naturally eliminate the inflammation and get your body refocused for the new year.

4) Review your food sensitivities

Your stomach pain, bloating or other gastrointestinal issues may need more than a few post-holiday detox meals. If you don’t have a condition or medication that is causing abdominal distress, take a look at the foods you’re consuming. Even if you are eating a generally healthy diet, you might be surprised at some of the foods that commonly cause issues for people. Please consult with a nutrition expert for specific recommendations. 

Keep a diary of your exploration: 

  • What did you you eat throughout the day?
  • How did those foods make you feel?
  • Do you have high or low energy levels?
  • How does your stomach feel?
  • How are your bowel movements?

After taking a break from the foods that you have chosen to eliminate, notice any changes in your body after working them back into your diet. Any discomfort might indicate a sensitivity to that particular food.

Detox post holidays | pins and needles in hands and feet information

5) Amp up your exercise

Oh how sometimes we dread the word: exercise. For many of us, it’s something that we know we should do, but it’s just so much more convenient to exercise tomorrow. Excuses like no time, too tired or too stiff can often get in the way of working up a sweat.


  1. Drinking lemon water throughout the day REALLY seems to help me when I’ve overindulged and want to get back on track. It’s just tart enough to make me want to drink more water and the water flushes out all of the junk I’ve been consuming. Great tip!


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