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what it's like to have bipolar disorder

What It’s Like to Have Bipolar Disorder: A Personal Journey

I am one of millions living with bipolar disorder. It's not something I hide, but it's also not something I've gone out of my way to discuss until now. The longer I cope with...

Coping With Familial Mental Illness in Stressful Times

“NIH/NIMH lifer” Shares His Asian American Family’s Story of ResilienceFormer NIMH Deputy Director and Scientific Director, Dr. Richard Nakamura, recently revealed how his family successfully coped with discrimination compounded by bipolar disorder during trying...
mood swings

Tips for Managing Depression and Mood Swings

Mood swings and depression often go hand-in-hand. Some days you might wake up feeling really good, and other days you may wake up feeling down. Remember, you’re not alone. Many people with depression have...