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Ouch: Looking Into Pain in Children and Teens

By Lorie A. ParchThough it's bad enough that so many adults endure daily discomfort, there's now solid evidence that more children and adolescents suffer many of the same aches. The July issue of the...
Child's Chronic Illness

A Child’s Chronic Illness Story Inspires a Mother’s Journey of Coping, Caring

When a child is chronically ill, the whole family feels the pain, particularly the parents. Regardless of the condition, the stress families suffer is remarkably similar. Here, JoAnne Colucci talks about the love, worry,...

Nerve Damage May Explain Chronic Pain in Children

Patients seen for chronic pain had test results indicating small-fiber polyneuropathyBy Lisa DavisCould a newly identified disease explain some cases of chronic pain and other symptoms in children and young adults? According to a...