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Pain Relief

Put These Simple Pain Relief Tips to Use Today

Got pain? Try one of these simple pain relief tips to help make you feel more like yourself and to learn what may make it worse.It's no surprise that many sufferers of chronic pain...

How to Develop Your Perfect Pain Plan

Our four-point program will have you feeling better fast.Elizabeth Brogan's pain problems started in the spring of 2000, when the horse she was riding stopped short before a jump, throwing her over the top...
Staying Sun Safe

How to: Stay Sun Safe this Summer

Staying Sun Safe this Summer It's easy to stay sun safe, from top to toe.Wrinkles. Age spots. Cancer. There’s a long list of ways that the sun can damage our skin. Not only that, some...
Stressed woman with blonde hair

The Pain and Stress Connection: Control Both for Better Living

Pain feeds on stress. Stress feeds on pain. Break the vicious cycle by taming tension once and for all. Almost no one denies there's a link between pain and stress. Pain activates stress and stress...
Help living with migraines

What Would Really Help Migraineurs?

Teri Robert, a prolific writer and advocate on migraines who lives with the chronic condition herself, says what we could use more of are better headache doctors.Teri Robert knows from migraines. She's had them...

12 Months ‘Til Less Pain in 2017!

Make a Pain Resolution! 12 months in 2017 means 12 steps towards less pain by next year. Coping with chronic pain or other painful conditions is tough, especially around holidays when a lot of responsibility...

Talking to Kids About Your Pain

Here are 6 ways to start and keep the conversation going: If you're a parent living with pain, it's easy to clam up around your children about how much and why you hurt. But that's...
pet with anxiety

Pets and Their Emotional Pain

Does your furry friend ever get anxious, jealous, or happy? As a dog owner and animal rights supporter, I have often wondered if animals feel emotional pain. Do they get jealous? Depressed? Excited? From my...
Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Pain Profile: Rob Saffer Living with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Rob Saffer runs two nonprofit organizations and lives in Woodstock, New York.Pain Resource: What do you do for a living? Rob Saffer: I work from home as the executive director of a nonprofit, the Creative...

10 Tips to Help You Stay Cool in the Summer Heat

Some like it hot. If you're not one of the heat-tolerant, here are some great tips to help you keep your cool when the heat is on ... and on and on.Stay hydrated...
Neckties and migraines

Neckties and Migraines: What You Should Know

This Father's Day, please send migraine relief for my wife, in lieu of flowers (or neckties)
man stretching cropped

Don’t let chronic pain keep Dad from playing the sports he loves

This Father’s Day, we round up the best fitness tips and apps to help men stay active
work pain photos

Is pain affecting your job performance?

What to say and not say in the workplace when you have chronic pain

One woman’s journey to relieve the emotional pain of losing a spouse

A partner's death leaves a profound void, but it can be healed By Lisa DavisWhen I asked Shannon M. Regan what she experienced right after her husband Mike (fondly known as Boomer), passed away, she...

Text Neck: A Pain That’s Nothing to LOL About

Even if you aren't 15, chances are good that you use your smartphone quite a bit. You may not be texting "LOL" and "where r u" every 90 seconds, but you're probably checking and...

Don’t Fry Day shines a light on skin cancer prevention

Common sense makes all the difference when it comes to protecting yourself and your familyBy Lisa DavisAs the Memorial Day weekend kicks off a summer in the sun, the National Council on Skin Cancer...
Tina Wedding Profil Photo

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day: A Profile in Bringing Awareness

Fibromyalgia Awareness Day, sponsored by the National Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain Association, was observed on May 12. If you don't know much about this common and often devastating condition, the association describes fibromyalgia as...

Jeanine’s joints

By Margaret Jaworski Photo Courtesy of Jeanine Yutani: Jeanine Yutani (far right) with fellow riders Justin Baker and Laurie MillerThree years running, Jeanine Yutani biked from San Francisco to Los Angeles, one of 200 participants...
courage - Pain Resource

Courage by Design

A Daughter's Caring Creates A Gem of an Idea By Margaret JaworskiWhen Stephanie Hansen first learned that her mother, Sue, had breast cancer, she struggled to control her emotions, to stay calm and project strength....

Get Up & Move: Avoid Office Aches and Pains

You might want to sit down for this news. But don't. You see, numerous studies show that sitting for six hours or more a day is hazardous to your health. The human body was...

Footwear Relieves Arthritic Knees

Flexible soles slow down knee osteoarthritisBy Margaret JaworskiRelief for knees swollen and stiff from osteoarthritis looks like a shoe-in. The results of a soon-to-be published study confirm that wearing footwear with flexible soles can...

Chronic Pain Sufferers: Take Heart!

Five tips for sharing the love, and keeping pain at bay.Love is in the air and you are hoping for a romantic evening with your significant other? But are you stressed that your chronic...
woman holding belly

Endometriosis: Symptoms and Treatment 101

Endometriosis causes women to experience pain and irregular hormonal changes, possibly leading to infertility.Endometriosis is a condition affecting women which causes pain in the pelvic region and is one of the top three causes...

Innovative Exo-Skeleton Gives Paraplegics A Chance To Walk Again

Paraplegics will soon have the ability to rise out of their wheelchairs and walk among the rest of us.With decades of research finally paying off, scientists have finally created a way for paraplegics to...