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Meditation for Chronic Pain

How To Add Meditation For Chronic Pain Into Your Life

In addition to the severe physical symptoms, living with chronic pain can significantly impact your mental health. As you spend more time and energy managing your pain levels, you may find the amount of...

Set Your Mind at Ease: Meditation for Stress

You know how it goes—working, going to school, doing homework, keeping a clean house, getting the kids to their sports or other hobbies, cooking meals, doing yard work, going grocery shopping, running errands and...
Pain and Depression

The Link Between Pain and Depression

Pain and Depression: Stopping the Downward Spiral When you’re in pain it's hard to feel like much is right with the world. So it's hardly surprising that ongoing pain takes a toll on your mood,...
Can Meditation Be the Answer to Relieving Back Pain

Can Meditation Be the Answer to Relieving Back Pain?

The Problem Most people resort to popping over-the-counter pain medications to get rid of their back pain. While pain medications are convenient, they aren't necessarily the safest or most effective method of reducing back pain.Over...