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    Painkiller Safety Elderly

    Painkiller Safety 101: Elderly

    Many people assume that because over-the-counter painkillers are safe because they can be purchased without a prescription. However, self-diagnosis and self-medication are never the best approach, particularly for seniors. An often overlooked topic is painkiller...
    Painkiller Safety Children

    Painkiller Safety 101: Children

    If painkillers can cause serious complications in adults when used improperly, how cautious should we be when giving them to our children? Painkillers can be given to children safely, but you need to be...
    Painkiller Safety

    Painkiller Safety 101

    Most people don't think twice before taking painkillers. We've been taking Tylenol since we were children, and other over-the-counter painkillers don't seem particularly threatening, either. When used correctly, painkillers can be very beneficial, especially to those...