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healthy holiday eating

Your Guide to Healthy Holiday Eating

Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating Don't let the holidays put your health in disarray. Use this tip sheet to keep off unwanted pounds, knock out pain conditions, and have a more pleasant holiday season.The holidays...
young woman taking a pain pill

Real Issues that People Living with Chronic Pain Face Every Day

Having Pain Can Mean Making Tough ChoicesBy Lisa DavisAn article by Toni Bernhard, J.D., published earlier this year in Psychology Today, discussed an important point: Having chronic pain can feel like a full-time job....

Cyberhugs: Easing the Isolation of Chronic Pain

Online forums offer much needed virtual support.By Margaret JaworskiWhen she received an invitation to participate in an online workshop for chronic pain sufferers, Karin Becker eagerly registered for the six-week program sponsored by a...