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Man with back pain

What Athletes Should Know About Sciatica

If you're not careful, your fitness routine might be the root cause of sciatica. There's a small muscle in the buttock known as the piriformis. The piriformis stabilizes the hip and rotates the leg...

Concussions: Underestimated and Misunderstood

The Effects of a Concussion Can Last a Lifetime A concussion can affect the brain in a number of ways. Some of which can linger for a long time. A concussion can impair cognitive abilities like...
man stretching cropped

Don’t let chronic pain keep Dad from playing the sports he loves

This Father’s Day, we round up the best fitness tips and apps to help men stay active

Ask The Experts: Low-Level Laser Therapy Technology

Low-Level Laser Therapy Technology uses the special ML830 laser to pinpoint pain and get rid of it fast. Dr. Ryan Whelton discusses this laser and its effectiveness.What is the ML830 laser and how does...