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CBD vs THC for Pain Management

cbd vs thc for pain management
With the relaxation of cannabis laws in many parts of the country, people with all types of pain have started adding marijuana products into their pain management plans. In fact, CBD and THC, two of the most popular natural compounds from the plant, have...

How to Weather the Winter With Chronic Pain: 7 Tips

winter with chronic pain
If you suffer from chronic pain, your symptoms may get worse in the winter. The weather causes physiological changes in the body that can exacerbate the effects of certain conditions.  What can you do to make this season less painful? For those who might not...

Do Supplements for Chronic Pain Actually Work?

Supplements for Chronic Pain
Having chronic pain is hard - really hard - and trying to understand your treatment options is often overwhelming. You may feel especially daunted when researching supplements for chronic pain, where the sheer volume of available information is enough to deter anyone.How are...

How to Sleigh Your Holiday Chronic Pain

holiday chronic pain
Living with chronic pain can often be the most debilitating during our busiest times. Unfortunately, the holidays are no exception. Here are some personal and proven tips to help you get through this holiday season. Holiday Flare-Ups This year will mark my eleventh holiday season living...

Pain Resource Holiday Gift Ideas for Chronic Pain 2019

gift ideas for chronic pain
The holidays are here and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t even started shopping yet! Living with chronic pain and an autoimmune disorder takes up a lot of my energy, but I still love buying presents for people in my life. Thankfully, online...

7 Signs That You Should See a Doctor for Back Pain

doctor consultation When to See a Doctor for Back Pain
Millions of American adults live with chronic back pain. Many, especially women, accept it as par for the course. They consider it a natural part of the aging process or a byproduct of a hectic lifestyle. Yet, some symptoms jump up and scream, "pay attention,"...

Caring for Aging Parents with Chronic Conditions

Aging Parents with Chronic Conditions
We often talk about managing chronic pain, living with a chronic condition, and finding relief when suffering from a pesky, unhealable, but manageable condition. What we discuss less often, though, is chronic pain through the eyes of the caregiver. In this article, we'll go...