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Multiple Sclerosis Vaccine

New Updates on the MS Vaccine: A Cure in Sight?

Recently, there have been significant developments toward the cure for multiple sclerosis (MS). One of the same companies that created a promising vaccine for COVID-19 has also had success with a vaccine for MS....
Fibromyalgia Genetic

Is Fibromyalgia Genetic? Reviewing Data & Assessing Risk

Whether you’re living with fibromyalgia or you’re close family with someone who is, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Is fibromyalgia genetic?” Fears of passing on chronic pain can influence major life decisions like having children,...
Video Games Are Used to Treat Pain

How Video Games Are Used to Treat Pain

With the current hype around the new Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X this holiday season, we thought it would be a good time to revisit the use of video games to treat chronic...
Tarantula Venom chronic pain

How Tarantula Venom May Transform Chronic Pain Treatment

A new study published in the journal Molecular Cell has made a promising discovery in spider venom that could lead to safer treatments for chronic pain in humans. Read on to learn what a...
Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat Your Chronic Pain

Stem Cell Treatment for Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the worst maladies a person can suffer. The constant agony is frustrating enough, but you'll also face the demoralizing awareness that your pain won't go away. Few treatments address...
Virtual Reality for Chronic Pain

New Research Shows Virtual Reality for Chronic Pain Could Replace Opioids

Depending on where you live, COVID restrictions may still be in full effect. And while that’s cause for concern for anyone, it can be especially alarming if you’re living with chronic pain and need...
video game

Video Games May Play an Important Role in Pain Treatment

If you’re looking for an excuse to enjoy a little time on the couch playing video games, there’s good news for you. Recent studies have shown that video games (and virtual reality in particular)...
pain in vulnerable populations

How To Reduce Pain in Vulnerable Populations

If you have ever experienced chronic pain - or if you support someone who has - you know how debilitating it can be. It affects every part of your life - from your career...

Lyme Disease is Worse Than We Thought

Summer is heating up, so don't let your guard down about Lyme disease. New data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that the disease is more prevalent and has spread...
Human Telomeres

Fibromyalgia Associated With Premature Brain Aging

Fibromyalgia is a disease that causes widespread muscle and joint pain and can be categorized as either a musculoskeletal disease or psychological disorder. The cause of the disease is still unknown, and many researchers...
Fibromyalgia weather

Fibromyalgia Acting Up? Don’t Blame the Weather

It's not uncommon for people with fibromyalgia to say the weather aggravates their symptoms. Fibro typically brings significant pain, fatigue, and tenderness at specific points on the body, along with other problems, like "fibro...
new brain implant for Parkinson's Disease

Self-Tuning Brain Implant May Help with Parkinson’s Disease

NIH BRAIN Initiative-funded research a key first step to improving deep brain stimulation Deep brain stimulation has been used to treat Parkinson’s disease symptoms for 25 years, but limitations have led researchers to look for...

NIH-funded study suggests brain is hard-wired for chronic pain

Brain’s white matter may determine susceptibility to chronic pain. The structure of the brain may predict whether a person will suffer chronic low back pain, according to researchers who used brain scans. The results, published...
sleeping woman peaceful

Less Painful Days with More Restful Nights

A sleep study shows the effectiveness of a longer night's rest to increase pain tolerance. A good night's rest might be a lot more beneficial than just beauty sleep. A study at the Sleep Disorders...
Virtual Reality for Pain Management

Virtual Reality for Pain Management

An ongoing study suggests that virtual reality for pain management may be effective treatment for pain sufferers, potentially combatting the opioid epidemic at the same time. Pioneered by Diane Gromala, PhD, a chronic pain...
does weather effect pain

Does Weather Affect Pain? Here’s What We Know

What is the Study? A team of medical practitioners in the United Kingdom is encouraging people with arthritis and other chronic pain conditions to share information about their symptoms via smartphone. By examining the symptoms...
how gender effects chronic pain

How Gender Affects Chronic Pain

Women Feel Pain More Strongly Studies in mice suggest our sex hormones may influence our experience of pain. Male mice injected with the female sex hormone, estrogen, seem to tolerate pain less, while an injection...
pediatric innovations

Innovations in Treating Kids

If you caught our recent article on kids and teens with pain, you know that it's a growing problem. Maybe you're the parent of a child dealing with frequent headaches or stomach pain (two...
Can Stem Cell Therapy Treat Your Chronic Pain

Could Adult Stem Cells Have the Answer for What Ails You?

Depending on your point of view, stem cells are either something medical science shouldn't be messing around with or rich with possibility for treating any number of serious ailments. And it's looking increasingly as...
chronic pain

Ouch: Looking Into Pain in Children and Teens

By Lorie A. Parch Though it's bad enough that so many adults endure daily discomfort, there's now solid evidence that more children and adolescents suffer many of the same aches. The July issue of the...
chronic pain

Do Women Get Too Much or Too Little Pain Medication?

A new study found that women are significantly more likely than men to be prescribed pain medication, regardless of age or socioeconomic status. You may not be surprised. Women worldwide have pain more often than...

Study: NSAIDs Raise Risk of Heart Problems

High doses of these common painkillers double the risk of heart failure, finds a new study. As every pain patient knows, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs--better known as NSAIDs--are the backbone of pain relief. So any risks...
chronic pain

Study: Multiple Sclerosis More Common in Black Women than White Women

A new study disputes the common belief that blacks have a lower risk of developing MS. The incidence of multiple sclerosis is higher in black women than in white women, according to a Kaiser...
chronic pain

Study: Funding, Access to Care Needed for Rheumatoid Arthritis

The nonprofit Rheumatoid Patient Foundation recently released a white paper on the results of a survey of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients, "Unmasking Rheumatoid Disease: The Patient Experience of Rheumatoid Arthritis." RA activist Kelly Young...




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