2021 fitness trends

    2021 Fitness Trends + 4 Amazing End of Year Workouts

    The end of 2020 is here, and many of us have been working from home due to the current pandemic. And when you aren't going for walks on your lunch break or even to...
    Detox after Thanksgiving

    5 Ways to Detox after Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is a time to show appreciation for the things that we have in life with the people that we love. It’s also a time to overindulge in meals that aren’t easy on the...
    Healthy Halloween Treats

    Healthy Halloween Treats

    Healthy Halloween Treats Overview When you live with chronic pain, embracing a healthy lifestyle by doing things like making good food choices and exercising regularly can make a major long-term difference in improving your quality...
    Peripheral Neuropathies Lupus

    Peripheral Neuropathies: Lupus

    Peripheral Neuropathies: Lupus Overview Peripheral Neuropathies, Lupus, is often associated with a "butterfly rash" on the face. Its affects, however, are far from being as harmless as its namesake. Lupus, or lupus erythematosus, is an autoimmune...
    Loneliness and Chronic Pain

    The Isolating Loneliness of Living with Chronic Pain

    For people living with chronic pain, every day can feel like an uphill battle. Chronic pain is often caused by an underlying condition, such as autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, back problems and many other chronic...
    Juicing for Pain Relief & Back Pain

    Juicing for Pain Relief

    Looking for Juicing for Pain Relief information and recipes? You have come to the right place. Pain Resource has many articles to help with your Chronic Pain and getting you the relief you need. Eating...
    fall activities with joint pain

    Try These Joint-Friendly Outdoor Fall Activities

    Grab your jacket and a friend, because the fall season has arrived, bringing with it cooler weather and fun outdoor fall activities. You don’t have to go far or do anything too strenuous to...
    How Does Drinking Coffee Affect Blood Pressure?

    How Does Drinking Coffee Affect Blood Pressure?

    Do you feel like the morning doesn’t really start until you’ve had your first cup of coffee? If so, you’re not alone. Roughly 75% of the American population, over 154 million adults, consume coffee...
    Foods for Natural Pain Relief

    9 Foods for Natural Pain Relief

    That deep pain is back again. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to switch out those pills and say, “It’s time for my pain relief snack!” instead? While the pain relief isn’t always as immediate as we...
    5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

    5 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

    Imagine your immune system as your body’s defense mechanism. Typically, it does a remarkable job of protecting you against invadersーmicroorganisms that cause disease. However, at times, the immune system falls short, letting an invader...
    Foods For mental Health

    7 Foods That Improve Mental Health

    Mental health is undoubtedly a loaded term. For some, it can symbolize the heaviest burden in their life and for others, a subtle, or even subconscious, buzz of discomfort that goes with them through...
    Caribbean Casserole

    Healthy Caribbean Casserole

    Healthy Caribbean Diet Overview Eating healthy foods can improve your overall wellness and a Caribbean diet can be rich in a variety of vegetables and fruits and and plenty of seafood while being low in...
    healthy snacks for weight loss

    5 Quick & Easy Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

    When you’re living with chronic pain, it can be hard to have the energy to exercise or cook healthy meals. However, making good choices and maintaining a healthy weight may reduce your chronic pain...
    heart healthy diet tips

    Heart Healthy Diet Tips for American Heart Month

    February is American Heart Month, and the goal for this month is to raise awareness about heart disease and how to prevent it. You can help prevent heart disease by making key lifestyle choices and...
    White woman with tattoo rowing in-studio

    Row, Row, Row Yourself Into Top Fitness Trend

    As the “new spinning” of the fitness community, rowing is experiencing quite the resurrection. It’s been the talk of the fitness world for several years now, but 2018 has seen tremendous growth in the...
    healthy fast food

    Healthy Substitutions at 5 of Your Favorite Restaurants

    One of the most difficult things about eating healthy is choosing healthy foods at restaurants. When you eat at home, it is much easier to make healthy choices, since you have control of your shopping...
    healthy habits can lengthen your life

    Healthy Habits Can Lengthen Your Life

    Have you heard the advice to exercise, choose a healthy diet, keep a lean weight, never smoke, and limit alcohol? Researchers wanted to find out whether people who follow this advice live longer than those...
    National Senior Health and Fitness Day

    National Senior Health and Fitness Day Exercises

    Exercise is important no matter how old you are. From a toddler making his first steps to a grandmother enjoying her retirement, staying healthy and fit should be a priority for everyone. Since today,...
    stay healthy this flu season

    It’s not Over yet: How to Stay Healthy this Flu Season

    Flu season is always the time of the year that we dread the most. Missing work and school, the inability to eat or get out of bed and the constant body aching and pain...
    nutrition for pain relief

    Healthy Food Choices Can Reduce Chronic Pain & Fatigue

    It's a classic chicken-and-egg question: Which came first, the pain or the fatigue? As many as three out of four people living with chronic musculoskeletal pain complain of being tired, while 94 percent of...
    Pain Fighting Season

    7 Summer Activities that Fight Pain

    Fight your Pain While Enjoying the Outdoors this summer. It's summertime, and the sun is shining.The birds are chirping and the flowers are in bloom. Stiff, achy joints are loosening up, and it's becoming much...

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