Cajun Seasoned French Fries

Eating French fries and other fried foods linked to higher risk of anxiety and...

Researchers investigated the effects of fried foods on depression and anxiety. They found that regular consumption of fried foods is linked to higher levels of depression and anxiety in humans. Further studies are...

Do I Have Depression?

Overview This information has been translated into other languages – see the links at the bottom of this page. Read the following information to help you decide whether you might have depression. It does not take...
Young woman with neck and shoulder pain close up

What is pain, and how do you treat it?

People feel pain when signals travel through nerve fibers to the brain for interpretation. It is often the result of tissue damage and allows the body to react to and prevent harm. The experience of...
Mental Health

What is mental health?

Mental health is all about how people think, feel, and behave. Mental health specialists can help people with depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, addiction, and other conditions that affect their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Mental health...

Treat pain as a priority, not an afterthought

Why does it hurt? This seemingly simple question doesn’t always have a simple answer. Pain is generally regarded by researchers and medical practitioners as the body’s warning system for a biomechanical problem: it is the...
Alternative treatments for pain that actually work

Alternative Treatments for Pain That Actually Work

Trying to finding alternative treatments for pain can bring you face-to-face with the ugly side of the internet. Online, you will find troves of people eager to share their success and horror stories in...
Fentanyl Vaccine May Be Breakthrough for Opioid Epidemic

Fentanyl Vaccine May Be Breakthrough for Opioid Epidemic

Researchers led by the University of Houston have developed a fentanyl vaccine that targets the synthetic opioid fentanyl, blocking the drug's ability to enter the brain and thus eliminating its euphoric "high" when consumed.  The...
Ways to Boost Heart Health

Have You Tried These 7 Tactics To Boost Your Heart Health?

Due to Valentines Day, February is often associated with hearts. But there's another reason to think about hearts, specifically our own and it's health: it's American Heart Month.  Since 1963, February has been the designated...
Migraine Pain

5 Things That Make Migraines Worse

With everything we know about human health, you might be surprised to learn that doctors and researchers still don’t know the exact cause of migraine headaches. About 15% of the population, or roughly 39...
What Is Chronic Pancreatitis?

Chronic Pancreatitis: What Symptoms Should You Watch For?

Nestled behind the stomach in the upper left abdomen is the pancreas, an organ essential for converting the food you eat into energy and managing your body's use of sugar after digestion. Just like any...