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Our team of in-house content creators offer customized services. We look work closely with your team to develop the right messaging and relay that information in engaging posts.


  • Disclaimer: We add a disclaimer or label that clearly identifies the content as paid or sponsored. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires disclosure of any material connection between an advertiser and a publisher, and failure to disclose such a connection could result in legal consequences.
  • Content guidelines: Establish clear guidelines for the type of content that Pain Resource will accept, and ensure that it aligns with Pain Resource brand and values. This can include guidelines around language, tone, and formatting, as well as any legal or regulatory requirements.
  • Use of images and external links: If sponsors plan to use images or external links to the sponsor’s website, it’s important to ensure that the content is in compliance with any copyright or trademark laws. Pain Resource will use the “nofollow” attribute for any external links, as this can help prevent issues with search engine optimization and ensure that the links are not perceived as endorsements.
  • Pricing: Pain Resource often offers package deals or discounts for bulk purchases.

The key to successfully selling advertorials or blog posts on the Pain Resource website is to establish clear guidelines and practices that are in line with your brand and values, and that provide value to both (sponsors and your readers). We can build a sustainable and profitable revenue stream while maintaining the trust and loyalty of our audience.