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    Many women suffer from regular muscle pain that can’t be traced to a single disorder. Known as “myalgia” (not to be confused with fibromyalgia, which is a specific disease affecting the nervous system), this type of pain is unique in that it’s limited to a single muscle or a group of muscles.

    Myalgia can be linked to numerous sources – from over-exertion during exercising, to blunt force trauma and poor posture. When caused by an identifiable source like an injury, myalgia most often goes away on its own. But sometimes myalgia can have lasting effects.

    For women who can’t seem to shake off their pain, life can be hard. After all, pain impacts more than just our bodies – it affects every aspect of our lives. It can cause depression, weight gain and even memory loss – all the while preventing us from partaking in many activities we would otherwise love to experience.

    Some women resort to regularly taking over-the-counter painkillers like Tylenol and Motrin without realizing that daily consumption can have a host of long-term risks. Liver damage, an increased likelihood of stomach ulcers, heart attacks and strokes are just a sampling of the illnesses that can develop from frequent usage of common medications.

    Dr. Brazos Minshew is an acclaimed Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine who specializes in pain management. Part of his approach involves the study of natural resources and how they contribute to our well-being. Many plants, roots, spices and other common ingredients are clinically verified to reduce pain – and when combined, can be as effective as powerful artificially-derived pharmaceuticals.

    In addition to designing effective therapies and alternatives to medication, Dr. Minshew is recognized for his work in overseeing the research and development on behalf of noted international agencies to better understand pain.

    His latest advancement is Comfort!, a pain management supplement created specifically for daily usage. Comfort! is a revolutionary, next-generation daily supplement that delivers a centuries-old treatment for occasional pain – plants.  Did you know, for example, that white willow bark led to the discovery of aspirin? And that poppies helped bring about the discovery of morphine?  Utilizing five simple ingredients (some that are probably in your kitchen right now!), Comfort! combines turmeric, Indian frankincense, ginger, galangal plant root, and cayenne pepper into a concentrated and powerful natural formula.  The power of plants has been the focus of Brazos Minshew’s pain relief research, and ultimately inspired his creation of Comfort!.

    Users report that Comfort! can relieve muscle pain within minutes, and for many, one dosage is enough to last an entire day. Comfort! is a supplement in the true sense of the word – it’s a safe and welcome addition to our diet. With identifiable ingredients and no “small text” warning about adverse effects, Comfort! can help us live the life we deserve.

    To learn more about Comfort! and the science behind its breakthrough formula, visit


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