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Ask the Experts – Video Interview With IBS Coach Christine Lensberg

IBS Coach Christine Lensberg

On April 14, 2021, Pain Resource’s Staff Journalist, Zach Pottle, sat down with Christine Lensberg, health enthusiast turned IBS coach, to talk about the challenges of living with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and how women can find relief from their symptoms naturally.

Christine has struggled with IBS for over 15 years, and says she has been through hell and back on her journey to reclaim her health. After years of countless diets and spending thousands on treatments, Christine decided to leave her career in documentary films and video editing in order to work full time supporting and coaching others who struggle with IBS.

When speaking with Christine, she highlighted the importance of community and how it can help women who are struggling with IBS feel like they aren’t alone when it comes to their struggles with IBS. She went on to explain that many women she has coached have felt as though they have not been listened to during their journey to find relief from their IBS. Christine spoke about her facebook group for women struggling with IBS, and referred to them as her “pocket cheerleaders”, and said it was one thing she truly wished she had when she was battling her IBS.

Christine also spoke about her own personal struggle with IBS, and how she tried everything from diet to lifestyle changes, and how none of them seemed to work. She stated that her biggest wish is to give everyone the tools and support they need so that they can find relief, master their IBS, and start living, thriving, and loving their life again.

Christine’s Instagram link is listed below, as well as her contact information and a link to her personal website.

Facebook group:

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